KCK: Political forces in South Kurdistan must take a stance against killing of Mehmet Zeki Çelebi

The KCK Foreign Relations Committee said after the murder of Mehmet Zeki Çelebi in Sulaymaniyah that if the political forces in South Kurdistan do not take a stance against these murders, the right of retaliation can be exercised.

In a statement released after the murder of Mehmet Zeki Çelebi in Sulaymaniyah, the KCK Foreign Relations Committee said that political refugees were killed in South Kurdistan with the cooperation of the Turkish state and the KDP, and added: "The whole world remains silent and watches in the face of these political murders. Since the UN Refugee Agency and the South Kurdistan government have not taken a serious attitude towards these political murders, they have responsibility for them."

The statement underlined that “the political forces and our people in South Kurdistan should take a stand against these political murders at the highest level and show an open attitude towards the murder of patriots and revolutionaries. Otherwise, every person will have to look after their own safety and would have the right to retaliate against these attacks. It should be known that, although we do not want such a result to occur, we will not be responsible for its possible consequences.”

Kurds won’t be silenced

The statement continued: “The Turkish state, in cooperation with the KDP threatens, blackmails and intimidates our people. They do not get enough results with this policy. For this reason, they see every Kurd as an enemy and kill them. For the Turkish state, every Kurdish person is an enemy and must be killed. This has sadly emerged clearly once again with the killing of Mehmet Zeki Çelebi. But it should be known that the Kurds will not be pushed back with these attacks. On the contrary, these attacks increase the anger of the Kurdish people. The Freedom Struggle of the Kurds has become invincible with great costs and martyrs.”

The statement continued: “With these attacks, they deliberately want to turn the city of Sulaymaniyah into the center of political murders, and to blackmail the patriotic parties and institutions of South Kurdistan, to render them ineffective and to attract them to dirty cooperation. The dirty cooperation of the KDP with the Turkish state receives serious reactions from all Kurds, and the KDP is left alone in this cooperation policy. Sulaymaniyah, the center of Kurdish patriotism, is targeted because they want to stop it being a safe city for Kurds. The Sulaymaniyah administration and those in charge of politics should be alert to this situation and take a clear stance against it. The public should be addressed and all the details must be explained, including the background of these murders. The Kurdish people and the families of our murdered people expect such an attitude.”

Hewler has become a refuge for killers

The statement said: “All the killers and hitmen who commit political murders in Süleymaniyah are fleeing to Hewler. Hewler has now become a place where hitmen and killers are trained, sheltered and protected. The KDP is implementing a policy of hunting every Kurd who does not think like itself. There is no sign that the KDP will take a step back from its dirty cooperation with the Turkish state."

Killers will be held accountable

The statement ended with the following remarks: “It is inevitable for our people to see this situation and to have a clear attitude towards the KDP. We call on the international institutions dealing with the rights of refugees and political people, the Red Cross, the UN Refugee Agency and human rights organizations to take a stand against the political murders developed in cooperation with the MIT. The Kurdish people and the free Kurd have the right to develop their self-defense in the face of any attack directed at them. The killers will definitely be held accountable.”