KCK: Peshmergas' visit to Qandil is a response to Turkish occupation

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement on the former Peshmergas that visited Qandil last week.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) issued a written statement to thank the former Peshmergas that visited Qandil last week and say that the request for a ‘national congress’ is an instruction for the KCK.

In its statement, KCK said that Peshmergas represent the will of the people in South Kurdistan and their visit to Qandil is a meaningful response to Turkish occupation. KCK said ‘The visit of Peshmergas, that have fought for the freedom of Kurdistan, to Qandil has bolster the morale of us and our people. We thank the Peshmergas for their visit to Qandil. Their feelings, yearnings, and great patriotism will live on in our struggle for freedom. Our guerillas will enhance the Struggle for Freedom in order to respond to their request.’


In its statement, KCK emphasized that the Peshmergas rejection of Turkey’s military presence in South Kurdistan is a meaningful act, and thanked them for stating that they would fight with the guerillas against a Turkish occupation. KCK described the Peshmergas as the true representative of the people of South Kurdistan, and said that the visit of Peshmergas is the declaration of resistance against occupation just like how the people of Bamernê, Amedîye, Deraluk and Şeladızê stood up against tanks in 2008. KCK warned that the occupation of South Kurdistan would be more disastrous than the defeat of Zap for Turkey, and added that nobody would dare to occupy the region if Peshmergas and the people of South Kurdistan stand with the guerillas from now on.


KCK emphasized that the request of Peshmergas and people for a national congress is an instruction for them, and such a congress is an important pillar of national unity. KCK stated that Peshmergas and guerillas could defeat anyone if they stand side by side, and called upon all political forces to take the Peshmergas call for national unity seriously.

Lastly, KCK praised the Peshmergas’ call to never repeat intra-Kurdish fighting, and reiterated its belief that such fighting would never be repeated in the future.