KCK calls for unhesitant resistance against attacks by AKP

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency called upon the Kurdish people to resist unhesitantly and lead the struggle they have waged at the cost of heavy prices for dozens of years to conclusion.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency called upon the Kurdish people to resist unhesitantly and lead the struggle they have waged at the cost of heavy prices for dozens of years to conclusion.

In its written statement, KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency remarked that Erdoğan and his team staged a de facto coup and escalated the war, as part of which security forces attacked Kurdish towns every day, killed at least several civilians and devastated Kurdish settlements with heavy weapons.

Noting that the Turkish President and Prime Minister further ordered the killing of more civilians from now on, KCK said Turkey has now entered a process of identified murders, and that co-mayors have been added to the dozens of people arrested in Kurdish region every day.


KCK recalled that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pledged to 'keep this war going till the doomsday', while Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu vowed that 'this war will not end until public security is ensured in the cities and rurals', both of whom thus revealed what sort of an assault policy they will pursue in the coming period.

According to KCK, the AKP government lacks the sense of solving the problems through democratic political ways, and aims to suppress any community that demands their rights, and this is why Erdoğan and Davutoğlu advocate 'war to the end'. Remarking that the AKP government didn't abandon the nation-state mindset, KCK said this was why they didn't recognize the basic rights of the Kurdish people and intended to oppress the Kurdish Freedom Movement with violence.

KCK said the present conflict in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey was a consequence of the Turkish state's intention to suppress the Kurdish people's demand for freedom.


KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency voiced support to the declarations of self-governance by Kurdish people in an objection to be ruled in this way and under these circumstances, and said the arrest of co-mayors proved once again how right their decision to rule themselves was after their demand for the solution of problems through democratic politics was met by the Turkish state with attempts of suppression. KCK underlined that the Kurdish people were imposed surrender and a living without honour.


Pointing out that decision for the currently ongoing war was made at the National Security Council (MGK) meeting on 30 October, 2014, KCK reminded that in order to upset this plan of war and conflict, Kurdish leader Öcalan presented a draft of democratic negotiations and brought the AKP to a point of approving the Dolmabahçe Agreement. According to KCK, Erdoğan and AKP government rejected this Dolmabahçe Agreement because they didn't mean to solve this problem, and used the talks and non-conflict environment as a means to gain time.

The statement by KCK continued, "Erdoğan and his team pursued a tension policy before the elections with an aim to leave democratization off the agenda and create an authoritarian regime, while they staged a de facto coup and escalated the war after the elections as they couldn't accept the results it brought. After losing the elections and not confronting a political will against it, AKP put the war decision made at the mentioned MGK meeting into practice soon later, just like what it would have done in the event of winning the elections."

KCK underlined that everyone should question the existing political situation and the revealed truth of war, noting that the Turkish state has not started an aimless war, nor did the Kurdish people and Freedom Movement resist for no reason in response. "While the AKP mindset is waging an attack to break the will of Kurds and destroy them, the Kurdish people and Freedom Movement are resisting to protect their existence, and their free and democratic life", it added.


Recalling that the PKK was a movement with the most political experience in the Middle East, KCK said the Kurdish movement's silence towards the ongoing intensified attacks would mean falling into a trap.

KCK stressed that the AKP and Turkish state launched an assault campaign on the Kurdish people because it lacked a solution policy and aimed to weaken the Kurdish movement and make it surrender.

"Should these attacks not be responded with resistance, all democracy forces in Turkey, the Freedom Struggle of the Kurdish people in the first place, will be suppressed, and no obstacle will be left before the AKP's intention of establishing an authoritarian order. In this regard, our resistance continues as a democracy struggle against this intention of the AKP, just like the struggle our movement waged against the 12 September fascism in 1980's. There exists no power but this resistance that can stop the AKP now. From this aspect, the peoples of Turkey should also take action, just like was the case in Gezi process, and upset the plans of the AKP together with the Kurdish people."

KCK said Erdoğan has actually changed the regime and wanted everyone to obey it, adding that the denial by AKP of authority for Republican People's Party (CHP) to form a government should be seen as a part of this mindset and intention.

The statement by KCK remarked that the AKP even violated the constitution and laws of the 12 September fascism, and that silence would do nothing in the face of the attacks by a fascist government that rejected the results of elections and wanted to keep its ruling going by means of plots and games.

"The fact that this war has been started by AKP is acknowledged by everyone apart from the AKP itself. It is not possible to stop these policies by remaining silent while dozens of civilians are being killed and arrested every day."


Recalling the Kurdish Freedom Movement's previously highlighted demands for a consolidated ceasefire, KCK said the Kurdish movement has repeatedly declared a ceasefire for the resolution of the Kurdish question through democratic and political ways while the AKP government used the non-conflict environment as a means to maintain its ruling.

"What we are doing now is to wage a fair and sacred resistance against a war conducted by the state unilaterally. We have no objective other than protecting our existence and building a free and democratic life as a nation. We have neither started a war against someone, nor have we been deceived by anyone. We just say that the Kurdish people cannot be destroyed and deprived of a free and democratic living. This is what it means to resist the savage attacks targeting the establishment of self-ruling by a folk."

KCK underlined that in the face of this truth, the Kurdish people's part was to resist without any hesitation and lead the struggle they have waged at the cost of heavy prices for dozens of years to conclusion.

"The part for the peoples and democracy forces of Turkey is to take sides with this resistance of the Kurdistan people against authoritarian and despotic regime. It is time the spirit of Gezi awoke and stood up. If Erdoğan pledged to 'speak the language they understand', we should respond to it in the same way and be able to lead a democratic move that will render our peoples free and democratic", KCK added.