KCK: Attack on Rojava is an attack on all Kurds

KCK stated that Jarablus was taken over in agreement with ISIS and the target of the Turkish state and gang groups is not ISIS but Syrian Democratic Forces.

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency stated that Turkey implemented its goal of occupying Jarablus after the liberation of Manbij, and Jarablus was taken over in agreement with ISIS. KCK noted that the target of the Turkish state and gang groups is not ISIS but Syrian Democratic Forces, and described a possible attack on Rojava as an attack on all Kurdish people.


In its statement on the AKP’s take over of Jarablus from ISIS, KCK said that Turkey implemented its goal of occupying Jarablus after the liberation of Manbij. KCK stated that the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MİT) directed ISIS to carry out Antep massacre to prepare the grounds for Turkey’s invasion of Jarablus, and condemned other states for turning a blind eye to the occupation. KCK described the massacre of 60 people, majority of whom are children, in Antep for Turkey’s occupation of Jarablus as one of the heaviest crimes against humanity in history, and added that the mise en scene in Jarablus exposed the collaboration between Turkey and ISIS once again.

KCK Executive Council argued that Turkey’s placement of gang groups in Jarablus came right after the expulsion of ISIS from Manbij, and ISIS gangs withdrew from Jarablus as part of an agreement with the Turkish state whose main target is Syrian Democratic Forces aiming to democratize Syria.


KCK described Turkey’s attack on Jarablus as an attack on the democratization of Syria and the creation of a Syria where Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, Turkmen, Circassian, Armenian and Druze peoples coexist peacefully. KCK recalled Turkish officials’ statements describing Syrian Democratic Forces as the main targets of the operation on Jarablus, and criticized international powers for turning a blind eye to Turkey’s occupation and establishing all sorts of dirty policies that attack the interests of the region’s peoples.


KCK Executive Council stated that North Syria Federation established by Syrian Democratic Forces and all peoples in the region aims to strengthen the unity of Syria on the basis of democratization, and has no goal of dividing Syria. According to KCK, Turkey’s attempt to portray these forces as such aims to hide its own intentions, which include influencing Syria through pitting different peoples against one another. KCK described the Turkish state’s goal as the prevention of Kurds from strengthening the unity of Syria through obtaining their democratic rights, and weakening of Syria through the continuation of the Kurdish issue in the country.

KCK stated that with its occupation of Jarablus, Turkey wants to increase its influence on Syria and anti-Kurdish forces for this purpose as it hopes to advance its goals in the region through the elimination of the Kurds and the sectarian polarization of the region. KCK described Turkey as the leading anti-democratic force in the Middle East, working towards crushing Kurdish people and other democratic dynamics in order to extend the rules of authoritarian regimes in the region. For this reason, KCK described the invasion of Jarablus as an attack on all groups in the Middle East that demand democracy and argued that this is why everyone demanding democracy and freedom must oppose this invasion.

According to KCK, the AKP government not only oppresses democratic forces inside Turkey but also in other parts of the Middle East in order to extend its rule, and attacks Kurdish people, the most democratic group in the Middle East, and their democratic allies for this reason.


KCK called upon all Kurds and democracy forces to unite in opposition to the attacks on Jarablus, and view the attacks as hostility towards all Kurdish people. KCK recalled the united struggle of Kurdish people and democracy forces in Rojava and Kobanê, and emphasized the need for a similar struggle.

Lastly, KCK Executive Council recalled that the Turkish state began to attack Rojava Revolution directly after its proxy group ISIS failed in Kobanê and other towns, and called upon the democracy forces of the world to rise up with the spirit of November 1 Kobanê Day and October 6-7-8 Kobanê Resistance in order to protect Rojava Revolution and ensure the democratization of Syria.