KCK: AKP is responsible for Antep massacre

KCK offered its condolences to the families of the people martyred in Antep and stated that the AKP government was responsible for the massacre even if the perpetrators were ISIS members.

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement on the massacre in Antep. KCK noted that tens of children, old people and youth were massacred and hundreds of people were injured during the bombing of a Kurdish wedding in Antep, and offered its condolences to the families of the massacred civilians.


KCK emphasized that no matter who carried out the massacre in Antep targeting Kurdish people, AKP was responsible. KCK stated that the AKP government has been supporting ISIS in Syria and turning a blind eye to ISIS mobilization in Antep in order to influence Syria and suffocate Rojava Revolution. KCK noted that the AKP’s policies not only transformed Syria into a bloodbath but also enabled ISIS to carry out massacres in Europe, Turkey and Kurdistan. KCK said that humanity has suffered a lot because of Turkey’s support for ISIS, and Turkish officials would be the first ones to be prosecuted if the supporters of ISIS get prosecuted one day. KCK added that Turkey would eventually pay for the massacres in the region despite its attempt to distance itself from ISIS.


KCK stated that the AKP both markets ISIS and uses it as a tool of provocation. The Co-Presidency recalled that Turkey has been trying to find an excuse for intervening in North Syria and Rojava Revolution, described the massacre in Antep as an ISIS massacre organized by the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MİT). KCK recalled that MİT president Hakan Fidan had said that they would have ‘missiles thrown from Syria to Turkey in order to create an excuse for Turkish occupation two years ago, and described the massacre in Antep as the Turkish state’s attempt to pressure international powers for the creation of a buffer zone in North Syria. KCK noted that Kurds were targeted in Antep just like the AKP government targets Kurdish people in Syria.

KCK Co-Presidency emphasized that the targets of ISIS in Turkey has not been the AKP government but Kurdish people, democracy forces and foreigners, and this illustrates the relations between the AKP and ISIS. KCK stated that the Turkish state has not abandoned its hostility towards Rojava Revolution despite its attempt to reverse its policies in Syria, and continues to attack Rojava Revolution because it does not have the will to solve the Kurdish issue within Turkey. Therefore, KCK underlined that Turkey’s approach to Rojava Revolution illustrates the AKP government’s approach to the Kurdish issue.


KCK emphasized the connection between Antep massacre and the AKP government’s hostility towards Rojava, and said that ISIS-affiliated gangs would continue to carry out similar massacres as long as the AKP government does not abandon its aforementioned hostility. KCK stated that pro-AKP media outlets would not fool anyone with their attempts to associate the PKK with ISIS and the followers of Fethullah Gülen, and the Turkish state has been the actor that had collaborated with Gülen’s followers and supported ISIS. KCK stated that the AKP government could not hide the truth with demagogy, and the AKP government would only survive if it abandons its enmity towards Rojava Revolution. KCK added that the Turkish state’s relations with criminal organizations and states that are enemies of Kurdish people would continue if the AKP government does not end its aforementioned enmity.


KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency emphasized that enhancing the struggle for democracy and pressuring Turkey to end its enmity towards Rojava Revolution were among the most important duties of Kurdish people and democracy forces in Turkey, and called upon these groups to convince the AKP government to establish friendly relations with the Kurds and collaborate with them in the fight against ISIS. KCK underlined that the AKP government cannot deny its responsibility in Antep massacre, and called upon the state to end its hostility towards Kurds and Rojava Revolution, and take a step for the solution of the Kurdish issue. KCK warned that the Turkish state would lose its war against Kurdish people and danger the peoples of Turkey if continues its current dirty policies.