KCDK-E calls for solidarity with the victims of the fire in Mardin-Amed

In a statement about the deadly field fire in Mardin-Amed, KCDK-E Ecology Committee said: "We call on everyone to contribute through Heyva Sor in order to extend a hand of support to our people who are in need."

The Ecology Committee of the KCDK-E (Congress of European Kurdistan Democratic Societies) released a written statement regarding the deadly field fire between Çinar (Xana Axpar) district of Amed (Diyarbakır) and Şemrex (Mazıdağı) district of Mardin, in which 14 lost their lives and over 70 others were injured and countless animals perished.

Calling on the Kurdish people living in Europe to show solidarity with the victims of the fire which affected 19 villages, the KCDK-E Ecology Committee said the following:

“The Turkish state did not even lift a finger to protect the settlements and treat the wounded, let alone intervene in the fires. The hospitals were unable to treat the wounded due to capacity problems.

The genocidal Turkish state and institutions preferred to remain silent in the face of the fire, after which the people mobilised by their own means and resources. The treatment of seriously wounded citizens was not carried out on time and on the spot. Thousands of animals perished, nature, settlements and the environment were severely damaged. The state did not intervene in any way and continued to commit ecocide.

The state's partisan media reported on this fire, which covered a large area, as if it were normal news, hiding the irresponsibility of the state. The state, which mobilises helicopters, planes, tanks, cannons and rifles for war, massacre and persecution, watched the fire silently. It is clear as day that the Turkish state is perpetrating ecocide as well as political genocide.

The dimensions of the disaster in the region are at a terrible point. The geography of Kurdistan, whose ecological balance has already been turned upside down by war and plunder, has suffered losses of life, property and ecology with this fire.

The Turkish state's approach to nature and the environment and its murderous attitude are known. Kurdistan is wanted to be turned into an uninhabitable geography. For this reason, the people were left to their own fate with this mentality.

Instead of helicopters, fire brigades and ambulances arriving at the scene, Kurds were subjected to death, slaughter and disaster. The state minimised and trivialised the disaster as much as it could.

As a result, lives were lost due to negligence. Thousands of animals perished. A large geography was burnt to ashes and a dagger was stabbed into life with an irreparable destruction of nature.”