Kakai villages in Kirkuk and controversial regions targeted again

The Kakais living in villages of Kirkuk and Daquq district are targeted by ISIS and similar groups.

The Kakai villages which were targeted by ISIS in 2014, are again targeted by ISIS and groups acting in their behalf recently.

During the attacks carried out against Kakai villages during the last four months, 8 Kakai villages have been evacuated and one village where only elderly live, is about to be emptied completely.

Kakai Sayyid Seyid Serhat stated that the villages were targeted because they were undefended and unguarded. He said the villages were being evacuated because people could not defend themselves.

Seyid Serhat told the following; “Attacks against our villages in Daquq have restarted in the last four months. Due to the attacks, the Kakai villages of Ali Sera, Kobanê, Zenker, Ebu Muhammed, Awahiya Seyid Hüseyin, Awahiya Şeşekan and Awahiya Wela have been evacuated so far. The villagers had to leave their homes because nobody protected them against attacks. The village of Topzawa is also about to be evacuated soon. Only elderly people live in this village. Our villages are evacuated because they are undefended. If it continues like this, all of our villages in the region will be evacuated completely.”

Seyid Serhad noted that Hashd al-Shaabi militia arrested Topzawa villagers Hüseyin Atiye and Xerib Selim who voiced their reactions against the attacks on the village. He added that both villagers remain in custody for a long time.