Jarablus MC Commander: Erdoğan aims to occupy Girê Spî

Jarablus Military Council Commander Armanc Cerablus stated that Turkish President R. Tayyip Erdoğan was aiming to occupy Girê Spî under the disguise of Raqqa Operation.

Jarablus Military Council Commander Armanc Cerablus spoke to ANF on the Bab and Raqqa operations that Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP government officials have been discussing after the Turkey-backed gang groups Fateh al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham, Nour al-Din al-Zenki and Sultan Murat Brigades occupied Jarablus and Al-Rai (Çobanbey).

Cerablus recalled the realities on the field regarding Bab operation and said that Turkey was "waging a special war and trying to portray itself as successful." He stated that ISIS has recaptured 8 villages from Turkey-backed gang groups over the past 3 days and been attempting to cut the Jarablus-Azaz line. Jarablus MC Commander emphasized that gang groups could not resist ISIS without the aerial and tank support of the Turkish army, and ISIS would retake Jarablus within half an hour without Turkey’s support to the gangs because these have no project and are Salafist jihadist groups that have carried out all sorts of terror acts. “They steal, seize and sack Jarablus. Some people from the town reached us and described the cruelty they have been experiencing. Groups that do not have solution projects have no chance. Therefore, there is no such thing as Bab operation on the field. Only the problem of terror groups that cannot defeat ISIS."

Cerablus underlined that Turkey was making effort for perception management under the guise of Bab operation, and the international coalition did not support the occupation and would not allow the attempt of Bab operation.

In response to Antep Governor’s comment that they would transform Jarablus into a little Antep, the Commander said that the governor had no right to say such a thing about Rojava land and Turkey was trying to occupy and govern the town because it knows that the gangs cannot manage the town.

Cerablus stated that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in which Jarablus Military Council participates, has a project that aims an equal, free and shared life for Syrian peoples, and said the following: "We are waiting for Turkey and affiliate gangs to show their true face in Jarablus. People of Jarablus has been calling upon us as their true face is explosed. We are a movement that has a solution project in Syria. Therefore, we have projects and preparations for Bab, Raqqa and Jarablus. We aim to create a Syria in which peoples can live freely, and we will succeed. We have alliances with international powers, however, we are based on our own strength and the Syrian youth."

In response to Erdoğan’s comment that Turkey "could participate in Raqqa operation," Cerablus said the following: "What is Erdoğan’s business in Raqqa? He should first clear off Konya and Antep from ISIS. First, he turned Konya and Antep into ISIS bases, and now he says that he will ‘clear off ISIS from Raqqa.’ Who would believe this? We have many documents showing that Erdoğan’s men are among ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra gangs. Erdoğan’s goal is not Raqqa, it is Girê Spî. He was quit when ISIS controlled the border. Is he now realizing how evil ISIS is? He aims to occupy Girê Spî and separate Cizîr and Kobanê cantons under the disguise of Bab operation. He wants to divide and conquer the region."

Lastly, Cerablus reiterated that Jarablus Military Council and Syrian Democratic Forces was prepared to liberate Bab, Jarablus, and Raqqa in the near future and Syrian peoples would be victorious.