Italian internationalist: Division among Kurds only serves enemies of peace

Italian internationalist Jessica Todaro described the South Kurdistan government's support for Turkey's policies as "dangerous" and said that the division among Kurds would only serve the enemies of peace.

Jessica Todaro, one of the internationalist activists who went to the South Kurdistan region to try and stop the Turkish occupation and the conflicts between the Kurds, told ANF about her impressions.

Drawing attention to the division among the Kurds, Jessica Todaro stated that the policies carried out by the Turks to divide Kurds in the region were actually effective and the Kurds showed not unity.

Todaro said that the aim of the International Peace Delegation is to promote dialogue between Kurdish parties, organizations and civil society organizations and added that the division only serves the enemies of peace.

Emphasizing that violence against women and the massacre against nature have the same roots, coming from a male-dominated system, Todaro added that a free society without an ecological approach and without the liberation of women is not possible.

Todaro said that the KDP is working against the Peace Delegation and added that this is not acceptable. She said that the KDP's silence about the Turkish invasion is extremely dangerous. Stressing that supporting the Turkish invasion would cause a disaster, Jessica Todaro said that it is unacceptable for the KDP to work against its own people for its political and economic profits.

Emphasizing that they trust civil society as a force able to stop the invasion and create a democratic nation, Jessica Todaro drew attention to the support given by NATO and international powers to the Turkish invasion.

Calling for an end to the sale of weapons to Turkey and an end to the silence about the invasion attacks, Jessica Todaro added that the Kurdish struggle is the struggle of all humanity against oppression.