ISIS hands Al-Rai town over to Turkish army and affiliated groups

The ISIS-occupied Al-Rai town in Rojava has been handed over to Turkish army and affiliated gang groups today.

The second part of the theater play that began with Turkish military's occupation of Jarablus 10 days ago continues in the town of Al-Rai.

12 tanks and a number of armored vehicles joined the staged military offensive that began at around 13:30 local time Saturday afternoon.

Ground forces of the Turkish army crossed the border from Salahan village in Elbeyli district of Kilis province in North Kurdistan.

Local sources report that there has been no fighting in the town since the beginning of the military operation, and that militants of Al-Qaeda affiliated groups have also entered the town.

As the Turkish army pretends to be engaged in clashes with ISIS, rockets have been fired from the area targeting the Kilis province. The rocket attack has reportedly wounded some civilians in the city.