Iraq closed Shengal-Rojava humanitarian corridor

The Dihok-Shengal crossing had remained closed for a year before being opened again yesterday. Iraq, however, has closed the Rojava-Shengal humanitarian corridor today. Shengal people reacted to the closure of the corridor and started a protest.

The Dihok-Shengal crossing under the control of the KDP had been unilaterally closed to the crossing of Shengal people since 2017. On Saturday 15 December, its reopening was announced.

The Dihok-Shengal crossing was opened at the same time as the Rojava-Shengal humanitarian corridor, which had been opened during ISIS assault in 2014, was closed.

The humanitarian corridor was opened by YPG / YPJ forces and Yazidi youth to provide vital emergency assistance and a way out for people suffering from health problems. The Iraqi government announced its closure on Saturday 15 December.

Citizens from Shengal reacted to the closure of the corridor immediately and began a protest action at the corridor.

The people put up a tent to protest the decision.

In November, the Iraqi forces demanded to closure of the humanitarian corridor.

The Shengal people reacted to the incident, and the leaders of Shengal went to Mosul and asked the Iraqi authorities not to close the humanitarian corridor.

Iraqi authorities promised the Shengal people that the corridor would not be closed.