Intense bombing in Şırnak on the 50th day of the onslaught

On the 50th day of the state forces' attacks, Şırnak has been under constant howitzer fire since last night. Several houses have caught fire and clashes continue.

The city of Şırnak remains under intense bombing on the 50th day of self-rule resistance against the state forces' genocidal attacks.

İsmetpaşa, Cumhuriyet, Yenimahalle and Bahçelievler neighborhoods have been hit constantly with tanks, howitzers and mortars stationed around the city since last night. The bombing has left the city under a cloud of smoke and several houses have caught on fire.

The armored vehicles stationed around self-rule zones are raking through the resistance neighborhoods constantly.

Violent clashes break out between YPS/YPS-JIN members and state forces trying to enter the Bahçelievler, Yenimahalle, İsmetpaşa and Cumhuriyet neighborhoods simultaneously with the bombings. No concrete information could be reached regarding the deaths and injuries in neighborhoods that are facing the most violent clashes since the blockade began.

State forces are setting fire to all houses one by one in the streets they are able to enter in Dicle and Gazipaşa neighborhoods.

Armored vehicle, ambulance and helicopter activity has increased around the city.