Idlib commander Elaa: We will liberate our city from mercenaries and Turkish invaders

Iskender Elaa, one of the Commander of Idlib Lîwa Siwar, said that Idlib has become the home of mercenaries and terrorist groups and promised the citizens that they will clear the city.

The future of Idlib remains uncertain due to the presence of mercenary groups inside the city and outside its border. The different mercenary groups work for their own interests. Mercenaries from Front al-Nusra, which were a part of al-Qaeda, that controlled the city, turned it into a centre for fanatics. Besides, while the Turkish state is located in the city, Russia and Iran remain on its borders.

Idlib Siwar Brigade is part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and it’s where young people from Idlib can organize.

Iskender Elaa, one of the Commanders of Idlib Lîwa Siwar, told ANHA: “Idlib has become the home of terrorism. Many terrorist groups, including Front al-Nusra, ISIS mercenaries and Jund El-Aqsa, continue to exist here. The Turkish state support these mercenaries in achieving their goals in the region,"

Drawing attention to the recent clashes between the Turkish state and the mercenary groups in Idlib, Elaa said that the people are the victims of these conflicts. Speaking about the actions of the occupying forces in Idlib, Elaa added: "Fanatic groups are trying to actually oppose the Turks in order to realize their own interests."

Emphasizing that the Turkish state is using Idlib against the Autonomous Administration, Elaa said: "The Turkish state has previously agreed with Russia and the Syrian regimes in order to defeat the democratic nation project in Northern and Eastern Syria."

Elaa didn’t hide his pessimism on the future of Idlib and said: "The Turkish state is occupying the territory of Idlib and tearing it apart according to its interests. Therefore, I cannot say that I see the future of Idlib as bright."

Elaa added that the solution of Afrin and the occupied regions in particular is linked to Idlib. "As it happened in Idlib, the demographic structure of Afrin has been changed. The Turkish lira replaced Syrian Lira, the name of the roads and buildings have been changed with Turkish names. Changing the demography is one of Turkey's permanent projects."

According to Commander Elaa, the liberation of Idlib will be achieved with the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood. Elaa addressed the citizens saying: “We are the resistance fighters of Idlib. We promise you that we will liberate Idlib from terrorist groups and the occupying Turkish state."