Hunger strike starts in Rojhilat

A hunger strike has been launched in Rojhilat to protest the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Hunger strikes held with the demand that the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan be lifted are spreading. Activists gathered in Sine, Rojhilate (Eastern) Kurdistan have started one more hunger strike.

The group, made up mostly of women, issued a statement for their hunger strike that started with the slogan, “Freedom for Reber Apo, Death to Murderers”.

The statement is as follows:

“Turkey’s fascist regime targets humanity with the isolation they impose upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan. With this isolation, they aim to crush the Middle East and its peoples under the dictatorial system.

Against this fascist practice, those who pursue a dignified, proud and free life must be the voice of the resistance. Leyla Guven started the hunger strike resistance, leading this resistance from a fascist fortress of a dungeon. The resistance she sparked has spread throughout the world now.

We as a group of patriots from Rojhilate Kurdistan who demand freedom are going on a hunger strike today, stating that we stand with all who joined this action in other parts of Kurdistan and throughout the world.”

Some two hours after this statement, a second group of people from Sine, Dewilan and Kirmanshah started a hunger strike in Sine.