HPG: Special operation centre destroyed in self-sacrifice action

HPG reported that the special operations centre of the Turkish army in Lice, Amed has been destroyed in an action of self-sacrifice by guerrilla Tekoşin Amed (Zelal Kartal).

People’s Defense Forces (HPG) Press Office reported that the Angol (Duru) outpost in Amed’s Lice district has been destroyed in an action of self-sacrifice, leaving 12 soldiers dead and 55 others wounded.

The statement by HPG Press Office said that the Angol (Duru) outpost in Amed's Lice district, which was the centre of many operations and ambush activity in Amed and its surroundings, that led the massacre of Kurdish people, was targeted by guerrilla Tekoşin Amed on September 10, at 05.55 hours.

HPG Press Office said:

“In this conquest of the Angol outpost with a 5-ton explosive loaded vehicle, 4 positions were totally destroyed and damage to the outpost was inflicted in a large scale. After the action, the occupying forces shut down the telephone and internet networks, covered the outpost and the positions with canvases and closed the road in front of the Angol outpost to traffic for 5 hours.

12 enemy soldiers were killed in this successful self-sacrificial action where 55 enemy soldiers were wounded.

The occupying Turkish army has carried away dead and wounded soldiers with many ambulances and Sikorsky-type helicopters to the Lice, Hani, Kocaköy districts and the Amed centre. The occupying Turkish army, receiving a heavy blow, completely emptied the outpost, leaving only 15 soldiers in charge of protecting the wreckage.

We will be the followers of the path of comrade Tekoşin Amed, who clearly declared the way to march with this action carried out against the isolation against leader Apo, against the oppression and forced migration policies aimed at our people, especially in Sur, and for the revenge of our martyr comrades.”

ID information of the martyred guerrilla who carried out the self-sacrifice action is as follows;

Nom de Guerre: Tekoşin Amed
Name- Surname: Zelal Kartal
Place of Birth: Amed
Mother's-Father's Name: Afife - Sıddık
Date and Place of Martyrdom: September 10, 2017 / Amed