HPG: Seven guerrillas martyred in Avashin

HPG announced the death of seven guerrillas due to the use of banned chemical agents by the Turkish army in Avashin.

The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HGP) has published the names of seven martyrs who died on May 3 while resisting the Turkish invasion of the Avashin region in guerrilla-controlled Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).


  Nom de Guerre: Kamuran Amed
  First-Last Name: Mustafa Şimşek
  Birthplace: Amed
  Mother's - Father's Name: Dılşah – Abdulrahman
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 May 2021 / Avashin





  Nom de Guerre: Canfeda Heseke
  First-Last Name: Şehbaz İzzettin Seydo
  Birthplace: Heseke
  Mother's - Father's Name: Şehnaz – İzzettin
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 May 2021 / Avashin





  Nom de Guerre: Serhat Giravî
  First-Last Name: Kamuran Alpsar
  Birthplace: Hakkari
  Mother's - Father's Name: Şirin – Rıza
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 May 2021 / Avashin





  Nom de Guerre: Ruken Zagros
  First-Last Name: Seher Bingöl
  Birthplace: Hakkari
  Mother's - Father's Name: Newroz – Kerim
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 May 2021 / Avashin





  Nom de Guerre: Zafer Tolhıldan
  First-Last Name: Muhammed Abdulkadir Hüseyin
  Birthplace: Qamişlo
  Mother's - Father's Name: Hena – Abdulkadir
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 May 2021 / Avashin





  Nom de Guerre: Sarya Diyar
  First-Last Name: Bişeng Hezer
  Birthplace: Şırnak
  Mother's - Father's Name: Ayşe – Mehmet
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 May 2021 / Avashin





  Nom de Guerre: Xebat Aso
  First-Last Name: Ubeyt Mevludi
  Birthplace: Kermanshah
  Mother's - Father's Name: Hacer – Hüseyin Mev ludi
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 May 2021 / Avashin




The HPG statement said: "The Şehîd Munzur hill in the Mamreşo area in Avashin was one of the first targets in the occupation raids launched on the evening of April 23. Led by the great commander Serhat Giravi, Ruken, Sarya, Canfeda, Xebat, Zafer and Kamuran resisted for ten days. They were in their positions from the first moment and used all modern guerrilla tactics to attack the occupiers. Our companions Ruken and Sarya, as capable militants of YJA-Star, participated in the resistance with great conviction and determination, proving the indomitable will of free Kurdish women. Free Kurdish women lead the struggle on all fronts, and Ruken and Sarya have taken on this role in the Mamreşo resistance.

The occupiers are getting nowhere in the face of the firm will, unwavering determination and selfless Apoist spirit of our companions and have massively bombarded the battle positions from the air and ground for days. Our brave companions have nevertheless managed to masterfully lead the enemy's technology and attacks into the void. However, the dishonorable enemy, in its helplessness, used vile methods and attacked battle positions dozens of times with poisonous gases. In the process, our companions have fallen.

The international powers are silent about the inhumane crimes of the Turkish state, which violate the law of war. They do not show any reaction. This encourages the Turkish state to resort to such methods. The fact that chemical weapons are being used has been personally admitted by the Minister of War with the words 'To penetrate the caves, a special technique is required'. The Turkish army suffers defeats from our forces and wants to achieve results with illegal weapons.

Our seven companions, under the leadership of Heval Serhat Giravî, made an impregnable fortress out of Mamreşo in the mountains of Avashin and mounted ten days of relentless resistance to the enemy. They fought continuously for days and every hour, writing a legend of valor."

Serhat Giravi

Serhat Giravi was born in a very patriotic family environment, where there are martyrs and social values are cultivated. He was influenced by the patriotism of the Giravi tribe. He knew the liberation movement since his childhood and he felt great sympathy for it. Later, he became politically involved in the youth and student movements. He had a good place to study, but the campus and cities became too small for his struggle. In 2011, he took to the mountains and joined the guerrillas. He fought in different regions of the Medya Defense Zones and internalized the methods of modern guerrilla warfare. HPG described Serhat Giravi as a leading commander who fulfilled his historical mission in the Mamreşo resistance and struck great fear into the enemy.

Ruken Zagros

Ruken Zagros was born into a patriotic family in Gever (Yüksekova) and grew up hoping to become a free woman and guerrilla in the mountains of Kurdistan. In 2014, she joined the guerrillas. She quickly got used to the life in the mountains and participated in it with great passion. Thus, she developed into a capable fighter of the YJA-Star in the Medya Defense Zones.

Sarya Diyar

Sarya Diyar came from a patriotic family in İdil, Şırnak and learned about the oppression of the Turkish state as a child. She grew up hearing the heroic stories about her brother Diyar Gafur. After her brother fell, she joined the guerrillas. Through her anger and desire for retribution, her attachment to Abdullah Öcalan and the martyrs, and her love for the mountains of Kurdistan, she quickly developed and fought as a militant of the women's movement in different areas.

Canfeda Heseke

Canfeda was from Heseke and grew up in the revolutionary atmosphere of Rojava. He went to the Kurdish mountains aware that the Turkish state was pursuing reactionary and fascist policies in the Middle East. "With his youthful energy and dynamism, he completed a rapid development in the mountains and became an experienced guerrilla fighter in Avashin," wrote the HPG.

Xebat Aso

Xebat Aso was born in Kermanshah in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) and grew up with an insurgent culture. He joined the guerrillas in 2018 and gained important experience as a guerrilla fighter from Qandil to Avashin.

Zafer Tolhildan

Zafer Tolhildan was born in Qamishlo in Rojava and grew up in a patriotic family. As a teenager, he looked for ways to fight and joined the guerrillas in 2013. He was in practice in different areas and participated in numerous actions in Avashin. HPG described him as a "successful and exemplary Apoist militant."

Kamuran Amed

Kamuran Amed was born in the Kurdish stronghold of Amed and grew up in a patriotic family. He learned the true face of the Turkish state early on and experienced the brutal crackdown on the Kurdish population. To fight back, he joined the guerrillas in 2019. In the mountains, he was driven by his hatred for the enemy and was always looking for ways to retaliate.

HPG announced revenge for the martyrs and declared that they live on in the struggle for a free Kurdistan. HPG expressed their condolences to the relatives and the entire people of Kurdistan.