HPG releases footage from the guerrilla action in Xapuşkê and Zeyte

Gerilla TV has released footage from the action that targeted 11 military targets in Xapuşkê and Zeyte areas on Oremar-Şemzinan line on July 8.

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas had carried out simultaneous actions in Oremar-Şemzinan (Şemdinli) area in Hakkari countryside at 04:00 on 8 July.

In concurrent actions, guerrillas hit the Turkish soldiers deployed in Rubarok, Grana, Zeytê, Mamreş outposts and Xapuşkê, Çeta, Leylek, Martyr Rahime, Martyr Zerdeşt, Martyr Karker and Martyr Gafur hills.

In a previous statement on the expansive action, HPG said at least 7 soldiers were verified killed in Xapuşkê hill, noting the number of many other soldiers killed and wounded in other areas couldn't be clarified by their side.

Shaken by the guerrilla actions targeting 11 separate targets, Turkish army did once again resort to lies in an effort to hide its losses, telling that 19 guerrillas were neutralized after the actions in this territory. These reports were, however, denied by the HPG.

According to reports by local sources, Turkish soldiers, shocked by the simultaneous and expansive actions by guerrillas, opened random fire around, causing the death of many soldiers deployed in this area.