HPG releases balance sheet of war for September

417 soldiers, 101 police, 64 special operation police, 2 pilots and 2 contras were killed and 48 guerrillas lost their lives in the war during the period between August 25 and September 25, while 48 guerrillas lost their lives.

People's Defense Forces Press Office (HPG-BIM) has released the balance sheet of war in North Kurdistan for the month of September. Accordingly, 417 soldiers, 101 police, 64 special operation police, 2 pilots and 2 contras were killed and 48 guerrillas lost their lives. Four guerrillas fell a martyr in the battle against ISIS gangs in Shengal.

The statement by HPG Press Office underlined that; “The desire of Kurdistan and Turkey peoples to live under a democratic joint ruling; the social will they revealed in June 7 elections; the Kurdish leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and Kurdish movement's sincere approaches and efforts for a solution were responded by Erdoğan and AKP government by re-starting clashes and sustaining the total annihilation and denial concept.”

HPG pointed out that during this process when all kinds of fascist attacks were developed, the people of Kurdistan enhanced the struggle of resistance step by step by declaring self-rule on the basis of their own will.

The statement emphasized that the actions conducted by guerrillas in response to the aggravated isolation on Öcalan and the attacks of annihilation against the Kurdish people were developed within the scope of self-defense and retaliation to the fascist mindset that deemed peoples worthy of occupation and massacre.

HPG released the following figures of war for the period between August 25 and September 25;


Offensives and operations by the Turkish army: 533

Details of these operations and offensives;

Land Operations: 39

Strikes by Warplanes: 86

Strikes by Cobra Helicopters: 44

Mortar, Howitzer, Tank and Artillery Attacks: 364

Aerial Activities (Jets and Cobras): 82

Reconnaissance Flights: 160

Inconclusive Land Operations: 4


Actions by guerrillas: 385 (16 of them by YJA Star guerrillas)

Sabotage Actions: 112

Assassination Actions: 37

Raid, Infiltration and Encirclement Actions: 6

Road Control Actions: 85

Actions against Military Guard Posts (Bases): 80

Actions against Police Headquarters (Stations, Lodges): 19

Actions against Check Points, Government Offices: 9

Actions against Natural Gas Lines, Trains and Dams: 3

Confrontations with the Turkish Army: 34


Soldiers killed in actions and clashes: 417

Police killed: 101

Special operation members killed: 64

Pilots killed: 2

Contras killed: 2

Soldiers wounded: 80

Police wounded: 44

Special operation members wounded: 23

Drones downed: 3

Sikorsky helicopter downed: 1

Cobra helicopter downed: 2

Armored vehicles destroyed: 31

Tanks and anti-riot vehicles destroyed: 2

Base stations destroyed: 90

Bridges destroyed: 7

Mortar and A-4 emplacements destroyed: 3

Vehicles burnt (working for military): 35

Cobra-Sikorsky helicopters damaged: 25

Armored vehicles damaged: 60

Thermal destroyed: 1

Detentions: 2 (1 Sergeant)

Actions with Unverified Results: 56


11 arms

1 M-16 weapon, 2 clips

7 hybrid arms

1 grenade launcher, 150 MG-3 bullets, 5 BKC weapon chains, 5 anti-tank rockets

1 small device, 5 computers, 3 binoculars, 1 assassination rifle telescope, 2 identity disks, 7 steel vests and a number of munitions.


Guerrillas martyred: 48 (13 fell in the airstrikes in North Kurdistan)

Guerrillas martyred in Shengal: 4 (in the battle against ISIS)

Guerrillas taken prisoner: 5