HPG pays tribute to Metîna martyr Têkoşer Botan

The HPG announced that guerrilla Têkoşer Botan has fallen a martyr. The Yazidi guerrilla from Shengal, who survived the ISIS genocide in 2014 and fell in May 2021 in Metîna during the resistance to the Turkish occupation.

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) announced that guerrilla Têkoşer Botan has fallen a martyr. The HPG press office had said on Monday that the Yazidi guerrilla fell last May in the resistance against the Turkish occupation in the South Kurdish region of Metîna.

The statement said: “In our statement of 14 May we reported of heavy fighting that had taken place in Metîna that day. The occupiers tried to advance from their posts on the Zendura in the direction of Kêste and Gundê Asûrî. In the course of the clashes, three of the invaders were killed and another injured. Our comrade Têkoşer showed great courage and, after having selflessly fought, he joined the caravan of the martyrs."

     Code name: Têkoşer Botan

     First and last name: Ibrahim Elyas

     Place of birth: Shengal

     Mother and father’s name: Cemat Burco - Elyas Osman

      Date and place of martyrdom: 14 May 2021 / Metîna

Têkoşer Botan was a survivor of the Yazidi genocide carried out by ISIS in ​​Shengal in August 2014. Around ten thousand Yazidis fell victim to this genocide, and hundreds of thousands were able to retreat to the mountains and save themselves thanks to the resistance of a group of twelve PKK fighters - led by Dilşêr Herekol and Egîd Civyan. Têkoşer Botan witnessed these events.