HPG pays tribute to guerrillas who fell in Metîna

Guerrillas Devrim Hêjar, Dîcle Rohat, Andok Serhed and Rojger Gabar fell while resisting the Turkish invasion of Metîna last October.

Guerrillas Devrim Hêjar, Dîcle Rohat, Andok Serhed and Rojger Gabar fell while resisting the Turkish invasion of Metîna last October.

The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published their identities and paid tribute to their self-sacrificing struggle.

The HPG said on 10 November 2022 that Rojger Gabar had died and that details of his identity would be released at a later date. The guerrilla fighter was involved in a successful operation in the Girê Hekarî resistance area, which resulted in the death of 12 soldiers and the wounding of eight others. Along with Rojger, guerrillas Sîpan and Cesur also died.

  Codename: Devrim Hejar

  First and last name: Gulistan Aydemir

  Place of birth: Amed

  Mother and father’s name: Bedriye – Latif

  Date and place of death: October 27, 2022 / Metîna


  Codename: Dîcle Rohat

  First and last name: Ayşe Muhammed

  Place of birth: Kobanê

  Mother and Father’s name: Hilale – Muhammad

  Date and place of death: October 27, 2022 / Metîna


  Codename: Andok Serhed

  First and last name: Ali Nuri

  Place of birth: Kobanê

  Mother and father’s name: Fatma - Ahmet

  Date and place of death: October 27, 2022 / Metîna


  Codename: Rojger Gabar

  First and last name: Mervan Şahnali

  Place of birth: Şirnex

  Mother and Father’s name: Hediye – Ahmet

  Date and place of death: October 27, 2022 / Metîna

Devrim Hejar

Devrim Hêjar was born in Licê. Due to the repression of the Turkish state in the region, the family had to move to the provincial capital of Amed. Devrim was already familiar with the Kurdish liberation struggle as a child because the movement was present everywhere and her older sister and uncle had joined the guerrillas. As an adolescent she was involved in the youth movement and wanted to join the guerrillas herself. That was not possible for her at that time. When she learned in 2011 while studying at a Turkish university that her sister had died in 1996, she went to the mountains in Licê. Among the guerrillas, she initially took the name Hêjar. Her sister's combat name was Devrim, revolution in Turkish. Only after studying the philosophy of Abdullah Öcalan, the ideology of women's liberation did she feel ready to call herself Devrim Hêjar.

She took responsibility at all levels and progressed from a team commander to an area commander of the women's guerrilla YJA Star. She stayed in Garê, Zap, Xakûrkê and Heftanîn and last fought as the commander of the Girê Hekarî resistance area in Metîna. There she also took part in the preparation of the revolutionary guerrilla operation on 26 November 2022. She fell a martyr in an enemy attack on 27 October.

Dicle Rohat
Dîcle Rohat was born in the village of Berxbotan near Kobanê. Her family has been active in the movement since the beginning of the liberation struggle in Rojava and took part in the resistance of Kobanê against the Islamic State in 2014. Dîcle's older brother was killed in the Battle of Kobanê. She herself took part in the revolutionary work and eventually also in the armed defense against the Islamists. In this brave fight she was wounded in the foot. After her recovery, she first returned to the front and then went to the mountains.

She described the path to becoming a guerrilla as the "gateway to freedom". When she came to the mountains, she already had great military experience and wanted to complete her ideological education. So she came to the Şehîd Bêrîtan women's academy with a group for training and then went into practice in Avaşîn. She stayed there for about two years, after which she fought in a mobile unit in Metîna. She fell on October 27 in a Turkish attack in the Girê Hekarî resistance area.

Andok Serhed

Andok Serhed was born in Kobanê. His family participated in the Rojava revolution and he grew up with the sense of patriotism shaped by Abdullah Öcalan. Andok took part in civil activities and in armed defense against Islamist groups. He fought in different areas and witnessed the massacres committed by the Turkish army in Afrin in 2018. This experience was decisive for his joining the guerrillas. In the mountains, he completed his military knowledge and his ideological education and concentrated on new guerrilla tactics, which he learned and used in tunnels and in mobile units.

From the beginning of the Turkish invasion in the Avaşîn, Zap and Metîna regions, he took part in the resistance and initially stayed alongside experienced comrades from whom he was able to learn a lot. From 2022, he fought in a mobile unit in Metîna. On October 27, he died in an enemy attack on Girê Hekarî.

Rojger Gabar

Rojger Gabar was born in Şirnex-Hezex and grew up with the resistance culture of the Botan region. As an adolescent, he was active in the youth movement for a long time. In 2018 he joined the defense units in Rojava in response to the occupation of Afrin and participated in various works. He then joined the PKK and went to the mountains, where he developed into a professional guerrilla fighter of democratic modernity.

In addition to his military training, he studied the philosophy of Abdullah Öcalan and, according to his own statements, tried to solve the "mystery of a free life". When the Turkish invasion of the Medya Defense Zones began, he went to Metîna with a mobile unit and took part in many successful actions against the occupying forces. On 27 October 2022, he attacked an enemy unit on Girê Şehîd Piling within the Girê Hekarî resistance area with great sacrifice, together with his comrades Sîpan and Cesur, and died in the ensuing battle.

The HPG appreciate the four fallen as symbols of the invincibility of the Kurdish freedom struggle and express their sympathy to the relatives and people of Kurdistan.