HPG: No lie will be able to cover up the Turkish army's defeat

The People's Defense Forces denied the media reports that the Turkish army captured several guerrilla cave systems in Avaşîn. These are false reports seeking to conceal Turkey’s military deficits, HPG said.

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) released a statement denying the media reports that the Turkish army has captured several guerrilla cave systems in the Avaşîn region of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

They are false reports, misleading and propaganda that are an integral part of the special war against the Kurdish freedom movement, said the statement published on Friday, which included the following:

"Seven and a half months have passed since the genocidal Turkish state launched its occupation operation with great fanfare on 23 April. In the course of this period, the Turkish army has mobilised all the means at its disposal, used its full range of technology, set no limits to its brutality, bombed the Medya Defense Zones daily and used banned chemical weapons hundreds of times. But all the effort was in vain; the Turkish army failed against the Apoist will of the guerrillas and was defeated yet another time.

Probably in the interest of concealing military defeats in the fight against the guerrillas from the public, the Turkish state's special war machine is currently staging a media-effective propaganda campaign. Although it is common knowledge that the occupation forces have withdrawn from the Werxelê, Tabûra Ereban and Kartal areas in order to avoid further losses, lies are now being spread that the cave systems there have been captured and destroyed. These reports do not correspond to the truth."

The HPG also commented on an alleged "successful operation" by the MIT intelligence agency in the Serhed region, in the course of which two PKK members are said to have been arrested. According to the HPG, the incident took place on 30 October, and the persons allegedly arrested are Emrah Adıgüzel (Mazlum) and Pervin Arslan (Sarina). "Both fled our ranks and surrendered to the Turkish state. Reports that they were captured during a special operation by the MIT are untrue," the HPG said.

The reports of Turkish security authorities about large-scale operations against the guerrillas in Northern Kurdistan (Bakur) should also be seen as propaganda in the context of the special war. While on the one hand, the state sticks to its well-tried propaganda that the guerrillas in Bakur have been completely defeated, on the other hand, operations are being carried out with thousands of invaders involved. The Turkish state does not achieve any results. For this reason, information on the outcome of the operations launched with great fanfare, the duration and the end are not given," the HPG statement reads.

The statement continued, “The Turkish state's strategy also includes propagating reports about the neutralisation of leading PKK cadres or high-ranking members of the guerrillas. This is an attempt to demoralise the families of the fighters and the Kurdish population in general and to trigger a nationalist hysteria among part of the Turkey’s public. As certain as the fact that the truth cannot be ignored, it is also certain that these lies will melt away in the light of truth. Neither our patriotic people nor the democratic public of Turkey should believe the propaganda machinery of the fascist AKP/MHP regime. No matter how many more scenarios and lies are presented; they will not be able to cover up the defeat of the Turkish army in the Medya Defense Zones."

Finally, the HPG pointed out attacks by the occupation forces in Metîna. On Wednesday evening, points along the Qaşûra line were bombed by Turkish army border guards. In Zap, the Turkish army attacked the areas of Girê Cûdî, Girê Şehîd Şahan, Çemço and Rênçbiraxa both from the air and from the ground on the same evening and today (Friday).