HPG member talks about a guerrilla action in Werxele

Firmesk Amed said that they carried out the action in memory of the fallen Arab fighter Canpolat who was martyred while they were on their way to the Mamreşo area as reinforcing units.

People’s Defense Forces (HPG) guerrilla Şiyar Firmesk Amed talked about an action carried out by guerrillas in Avaşin's Werxelê area in June.

At least three Turkish soldiers were killed during the action that took place on June 20, 2021. In a video broadcast by Guerrilla TV, guerrilla Şiyar Firmesk Amed explained how the action was carried out.

Firmesk Amed said that he came to Avaşin a month before the action. The weapons they used were heavy to carry and they planned the action under difficult conditions.

Firmesk Amed stated that the invading Turkish army carried out air strikes and used drones intensively supported by heavy artillery fire. “When we went to the action grounds, we realized that everything was taking place under difficult conditions in this region (…) Our equipment was quite heavy, which weighed almost 30 kilos. After all, when it comes to Zagros and Avashin, things are not easy to run,” he told.

Firmesk Amed pointed out that it was not easy to carry out an action because of the ongoing Turkish attacks. “We had little food and water. However, we were dedicated enough to carry out a vigorous action. Looking at the videos of actions, one would call them a success indeed. Yet, what matters is how the process progressed.”

Amed continued, “Our equipment was too heavy; we had to cover 20 meters and stop for half an hour or cover 100 meters and stop for an hour. The road we used was located at the side of a cliff. We had to take two steps forward and one step back. The most important thing there was the concentration.”

The guerrilla fighter said that they remained on the mountain for two days and were committed to their plan. “What we did was a specific action. During the clashes in the battle tunnels, they were constantly urging us to lay down arms. They were using chemical gas and offering water to make us surrender. We carried out this action specifically in response to this. In other words, we gave them an answer to their call for us to lay down arms.”

Firmesk Amed noted that they carried out this action in memory of the fallen Arab fighter Canpolat. Canpolat was martyred while they were on their way to the Mamreşo area as reinforcing units.

“Canpolat was a hardworking friend who stayed in Avaşin for years. We carried out our action in memory of Martyr Canpolat. Our action was successful. Three Turkish soldiers were killed, and their technical equipment was destroyed.”