HPG guerrillas: “Xakurkê and Bradost will be the invaders’ grave”

HPG guerrillas continue their resistance against the invading Turkish state attacks, and say that the Xakurkê and Bradost region will “be the invading Turkish state’s grave”.

As the Turkish army increases attacks against the Xakurkê (Hakurk) region in Medya Defense Zones, HPG guerrillas in the frontline Leşker Roj and Ciwan Batman stated that the Turkish state won’t achieve results with the invasion attacks.

HPG guerilla Leşker Roj pointed out that the Turkish state has intensified their attacks against Medya Defense Zones recently and added that the Turkish state wants to stop the guerrillas’ 40 year long march for victory and freedom with the intense use of technology. Roj said intense jet, Howitzer and mortar attacks also continue on top of the scouting activity targeting the Xakurkê and Bradost regions.


HPG guerilla Roj pointed out that the invading Turkish army uses intense technology to keep their soldiers in the area and to ease their minds psychologically, and stated that the Turkish state doesn’t have the strength to fight on land.

Roj said the HPG and YJA-Star guerrillas have displayed a historic resistance against the invasion attacks that started in the winter but evolved into a new process with the spring months. Roj added that the Turkish state can’t achieve results against the guerrilla, and that the guerrillas’ freedom march will continue until victory and emancipation.


Another HPG guerrilla Ciwan Batman stated that the guerilla’s resistance has voided the annihilation attacks and that the AKP-MHP fascist dictatorship is on the brink of an economic, social and political collapse.

HPG guerrilla Batman said the invading Turkish army hits the Bradost region with dozens of Howitzer, mortar and other heavy weapon attacks almost every day. Batman added that the guerrilla is strong and prepared enough to fight colonialism under any circumstances, and that the Xakurkê and Bradost regions will “be the invading Turkish state’ grave”.

Batman said they have carried out many actions against the Turkish army to date, and they will continue to respond to them with new and effective actions. He stressed that they are very well in terms of morale and motivation, and that the guerrilla has the psychological upper hand. Batman called on the Kurdish people for a serhildan (uprising in Kurdish), and the Kurdish youth to join the ranks of the guerrilla.