HPG commemorates Metina martyrs

HPG published the names of five fighters martyred in a Turkish airstrike on the Metina region of southern Kurdistan in March 2020.

The press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published the names of five members of the guerrilla forces who were martyred in a Turkish air strike in Metina region in southern Kurdistan in March 2020.

In a statement published on Monday, HPG said, "In the fight against Turkish colonialism, our forces carried out actions in 2020 that were diverse and distinguished by modern guerrilla tactics, inflicting sensitive blows on the enemy especially in the occupied regions of Northern Kurdistan or those threatened by invasion and the Medya Defense Zones.

Due to the defeats inflicted on it, Turkish fascism is in a deep military and political crisis and has not been able to achieve the goals of its occupation offensives. After Heftanin, the Turkish occupying state wanted to invade other regions of the Medya Defense Zones. However, due to the massive actions of the guerrillas, the Turkish regime no longer dares to take this step.

Our companions Avînar, Bahoz, Baran, Dilsoz and Firat have led many of the actions in Metina. They have, without hesitation, resisted the enemy invasion and have fallen in this struggle."

The ID details of the fallen guerrillas are as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Dilsoz Cesûr
First-Last Name: Şiyar Aladdîn Îsmaîl
Birthplace: Kobanê
Names of Mother and Father: Mahbûba-Aladdîn
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 13. April 2020 / Metîna


Nom de Guerre: Firat Xerzan
First-Last Name: Feryat Okay
Birthplace: Batman
Names of Mother and Father: Gulistan-Resûl
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 13. April 2020 / Metîna


Nom de Guerre: Baran Kobanê
First-Last Name: Mahmût Cûma
Birthplace: Aleppo
Names of Mother and Father: Neceh-Mûhammed
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 13. April 2020 / Metîna


Nom de Guerre: Bahoz Erdal Kobanê
First-Last Name: Îbrahîm Bekîr
Birthplace: Kobanê
Names of Mother and Father: Rihan-Sûphî
Date and Place of Martyrdom:13. April 2020 / Metîna


Nom de Guerre: Avînar Dilgeş
First-Last Name: Jamshida Ziba
Birthplace: Salmas
Names of Mother and Father: Masima-Sapor
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 13. April 2020 / Metîna

Avînar Dilgeş: From East Kurdistan to Metina

According to HPG statement, Avînar Dilgeş was born into a patriotic family in the town of Salmas in East Kurdistan. Inspired by the Kurdish freedom movement's struggle against the occupation of Kurdistan, she joined the guerrilla "to become part of the progressive struggle." In the mountains, she intensively studied the paradigm of Abdullah Öcalan and got the opportunity to learn about the women's liberation ideology. "She educated herself profoundly on women's liberation. Convinced that the free woman can eliminate the patriarchal system only through a hard ideological and practical struggle, our friend Avînar went to Metina after her military training. There she participated in many actions and became an example for all her comrades because of her attitude and commitment oriented to the values of the freedom movement."

Bahoz Erdal Kobanê - The Price of Freedom

Bahoz Erdal Kobanê came from Kobanê in Western Kurdistan/Northern Syria. Due to his family's patriotic attitude, he became acquainted with the Kurdish freedom movement as a child. He joined the Rojava revolution and fought in the Kobanê resistance against ISIS. Bahoz Erdal Kobanê was injured in the fight for his birthplace. "His struggle represents the clearest example of the fact that freedom cannot be won without sacrifice. Bahoz realized the truth through the attacks of Turkish colonial fascism on Rojava that the freedom of Kurdistan can only be won through determined resistance against the Turkish state. For this reason, he joined the guerrillas in the mountains of Kurdistan. He quickly adapted to life in the mountains and developed into a capable guerrilla commander," said the HPG.

Baran Kobanê: Arab internationalist in the guerrilla ranks

Baran Kobanê came from an Arab family in Aleppo. "He joined the guerrillas in the spirit of the PKK's internationalism and the concept of the democratic nation developed by Leadr Apo." He had his first encounters with the "Apoist philosophy" in his native Aleppo and witnessed its implementation in the Rojava revolution. "Baran turned to the mountains to learn more about the struggle for freedom at the source of its philosophy. From the first moment after joining the guerrillas, he participated in the revolutionary work with passion and morality. He was warm, upright and committed to the values of the freedom movement. He became the example of an Apoist militant and honorable Arab young man."

Dilsoz Cesur - From the Kobanê Resistance

Dilsoz Cesur also witnessed the historic resistance of Kobanê. He grew up with the memories of the "heroines and heroes of Kobanê" that eventually drew him to the mountains of Kurdistan. "Our friend Dilsoz lived with the spirit of resistance of Kobanê in his heart and full of rage against Turkish colonial fascism. While this rage made him even more capable militarily, he immersed himself in the paradigm of Leader Apo and confidently developed into a mature revolutionary."

Firat Xerzan - Influenced by the state terror to the mountains of Kurdistan

Firat Xerzan was born into a patriotic family in Batman. He grew up there in the 1990s - at a time when the death squads of JITEM and Hezbollah were committing their worst crimes there. "His heart was therefore full of rage against the enemy. He took this as an occasion of resistance and joined the guerrillas against the attacks of Turkish fascism. From the very beginning, his dedicated and self-sacrificing nature was evident there. He carried out the tasks assigned to him with dedication and a sense of responsibility."

In light of the loss of the martyrs, HPG extended their condolences to their relatives and the Kurdish people, saying, "We promise to be worthy of the flag of freedom handed over to us by our companions."