HPG commemorates Cilo martyrs

Guerrilla fighters Jîn Amara, Şervan Gabar and Tîrêj Roj died six years ago in a Turkish attack in Cilo. The HPG commemorates the three martyrs with respect and gratitude.

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) commemorate three guerrilla fighters who died in Cilo six years ago. According to the statement issued by the HPG press center, Jîn Amara, Şervan Gabar and Tîrêj Roj were killed in an attack by the Turkish army in the Binbir area of Cilo on October 3, 2015. "On the anniversary of their deaths, we remember our brave companions with respect and gratitude," the HPG said.

The identity information of the three guerrillas is as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Jin Amara
First-Last Name: Hasret Moraner
Birthplace: Çaldıran / Van
Mother's-Father's Name: Yadigar – Dünya Malı
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 October 2015 / Cilo


Nom de Guerre: Şervan Gabar
First-Last Name: Adem Ölmez
Birthplace: Batman
Mother's-Father's Name: Saliha – Mehmet Sait
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 October 2015 / Cilo


Nom de Guerre: Tîrêj Roj
First-Last Name: Nurullah Asan
Birthplace: Şırnak
Mother's-Father's Name: Sıdıka – Mehmet
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 3 October 2015 / Cilo

Jîn Amara was born in Çaldıran, Van and grew up in a patriotic environment. In search of freedom, she joined the PKK and took to the mountains. In the guerrilla, the cooperative interaction among each other made a great impression on her in particular, and she became involved with the women's liberation ideology. According to HPG, she participated selflessly and fully in the practice in the mountains.

Şervan Gabar was born in Batman and got to know the Kurdish liberation movement as a child. When he was old enough, he fulfilled his childhood dream and joined the guerrillas. He quickly got used to life in the mountains and underwent ideological and military training before persistently and resolutely taking part in practical actions.


Tîrêj Roj was born in İdil, Şırnak and grew up with Kurdish culture. Inspired by the revolution in Rojava, he joined the guerrillas and grappled with the effects of capitalist modernity and the standards for freedom in Abdullah Öcalan's ideology. He continued his education and participated in the Şehîd Reşit guerrilla offensive. He and his comrades were martyred in the bombing of the Binbir area.


HPG expressed their condolences to the families of Jîn, Şervan and Tîrêj and the Kurdish people and declared that the struggle of the martyrs will continue until success.