HPG commander Bargiran Erkendi commemorated in Maxmur

The fallen guerrilla commander Bargiran Erkendi was commemorated in the Maxmur refugee camp in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.

A memorial service for HPG commander Bargiran Erkendi took place in the Maxmur refugee camp on Tuesday. Bargiran Erkendi died on August 20 during an air attack by the Turkish army in Heftanin.

On behalf of the residents of the camp, Heci Kaçan gave a speech in which he referred to Erkendi's twenty-year struggle. His family came from Botan region of Northern Kurdistan and had to migrate to Adana insouthern Turkey in the course of the destruction of villages in the Kurdish region. Bargiran Erkendi was imprisoned for the first time when he was only fourteen years old. After a second stay in prison, he joined the guerrilla.

Heci Kaçan explained in his speech that Erkendi was part of the guerrilla units that defended Maxmur and Kirkuk against the ISIS. Most recently, he was in the area command in Heftanin and played a major role in defending the Southern Kurdistan region against the Turkish invasion. "We will be victorious because we have personalities like Heval Bargiran. Our pain is great, but we are proud of it. The enemy occupation force will be destroyed by the spirit of people like Heval Bargiran," said Heci Kaçan.

Following the speech, Şiyar Erkendi took the floor on behalf of the relatives and emphasized that the struggle of the martyrs will continue. The commemoration ended with the slogans "Şehîd namirin" (Martyrs are immortal) and "Bijî Serok Apo" (Long live leader Öcalan).