HPG balance sheet: 2,544 soldiers killed, eleven helicopters shot down in 7 months

HPG published a seven-month balance sheet, according to which 2,544 Turkish soldiers have been killed in 2,553 guerrilla actions, eleven helicopters have been shot down and two tanks destroyed since the beginning of the invasion in Medya Defence Zones.

The press centre of the People's Defence Forces (HPG) published a seven-month balance sheet of the Bazên Zagrosê and Cenga Xabûrê Şehîd Savaş Maraş offensives of the guerrilla armies HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops). The balance covers the period between 14 April and 14 November.


The HPG statement released on Tuesday includes the following:

"The PKK, founded on 27 November 1978, which organised our people, who had been brought to the brink of genocide, on the line of resistance and victory, is today the freedom hope of the oppressed peoples, women and youth. Our freedom struggle, which is carried by the philosophy of Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], is a great danger for the genocidal colonialist forces and their local actors. Today, this freedom struggle is facing the most comprehensive and intense attacks in its history. The imperial powers, who want to extinguish the peoples' hope for freedom by destroying the Kurdish people and the freedom struggle, are supporting the fascist AKP/MHP regime with all kinds of political and military support. The fascist Turkish state, which is using the dirtiest methods of warfare against the freedom guerrilla of our people without any hesitation and relying on the most modern technology of NATO, has not been able to achieve any results against the determination of the Apoist freedom guerrilla of Kurdistan despite all the means at its disposal. The invasion operation launched by the Turkish state in the Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna regions has now completed its seventh month. The courage, resistance and self-sacrificing struggle of the guerrillas in the face of the Turkish state's uninterrupted attack on Southern Kurdistan have once again shown the strength of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. Our forces have adapted the strategy of the revolutionary people's war to the changed conditions of the new phase and have masterfully implemented warfare based on fighting tunnels and mobile units. They are thus proving that they are moving on the path of victory.


The Turkish army is helpless in the face of the unbroken will of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. It could not achieve its goal despite bombing the resistance areas where our forces are thousands of times by fighter jets, attack helicopters, tanks, howitzers and mortars. The Turkish army could not advance against the guerrillas who are sacrificially defending every square inch of Kurdistan. So, once again, it showed its vile face and attacked the war tunnels thousands of times with banned bombs and chemical weapons. Despite all the attacks of the colonialist Turkish army, which committed more and more war crimes in front of the eyes of the world, our forces continued their historic resistance uninterruptedly despite the difficult conditions.


Our freedom guerrilla fighters, who march resolutely in the line of sacrifice of our comrades Sara Tolhildan Goyî and Rûken Zelal, continue their uninterrupted resistance in all areas of struggle from Northern to Southern Kurdistan and inflict heavy blows on the Turkish occupation army. Our forces, who are carrying out effective actions against the Turkish occupation army through ambushes, infiltration, raids, sabotage, assassinations, the use of heavy weapons, coordinated guerrilla actions and revolutionary operations with the utmost sacrifice and courage, have impressively proved the level of professional warfare they have reached. This is particularly evident in the way they have interwoven new-era guerrilla tactics. The war criminal AKP-MHP/regime could not prevail against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. Heavy blows were inflicted on the invading forces and the actions were documented and shared with the public. The state is trying to cover up its war crimes and hide its losses through false reports in the special war media controlled by it. The way the army under the command of Hulusi Akar left the bodies of its own soldiers on the battlefield, threw them off cliffs, bombed them by fighter jets and attack helicopters, burnt them and tried to destroy them so that they would not be picked up by the guerrillas, showed how far this army is from the most basic moral and human values. The identity details and documents of the corpses of the soldiers who were under the control of our forces have been given to the public again and again, and it has been proved that the Special War Minister, Hulusi Akar, who sent these soldiers to the hot war in Kurdistan, neither protects the dead nor the living soldiers, but unscrupulously ordered the destruction of the corpses of the soldiers. This shows the dimension of the dirty war. Even if the AKP/MHP regime, caught in the act, hastily tries to silence the people of Turkey who oppose these war crimes through fascist repression, it will eventually be condemned on the international stage and in the face of history.

During the seven-month war, the Turkish occupation army committed war crimes. It has used banned bombs and chemical weapons 2,837 times against war tunnels and positions in the resistance areas.

The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla carried out a total of 2,553 actions and dealt heavy blows to the Turkish occupation army. As a result of extensive guerrilla actions using a variety of tactics, 2,544 members of the invading forces were killed and 366 wounded. The Freedom Guerrilla of Kurdistan, fighting sacrificially and with great dedication against the genocidal attacks, continues to fulfil its duty to defend our people and the sacred soil of Kurdistan by pursuing victory in the path of the martyrs. During the seven-month war, 174 of our comrades fell on the resistance front. They fought sacrificially until their last breath and inflicted heavy blows on the invading forces. We once again remember with respect and gratitude all our martyrs who died under the leadership of Bager, Êrîş, Bilind, Rêvan, Ciwana, Sîpan, Baz, Nurî, Mizgîn, Rohat, Şaristan, Mahîr, Avzem, Doğan, Nalîn, Güven, Zamanî, Ronahî, Helbest, Fedaî, Siyabend, Berfîn, Mêrdîn and our 17 friends who died in chemical warfare have created a true epic of courage. We promise that we will continue to strengthen the resistance on the basis of the line of the fallen and crown the memory of them with victory.


The balance sheet for the period between 14 April and 14 November is as follows:

Actions by our forces:

- 2,553 actions were carried out based on a variety of tactics such as ambush, infiltration, raid, sabotage, assassination, the use of heavy weapons, skirmishes and attacks, coordinated guerrilla actions, air defence force actions and revolutionary operations.

The results of the actions of our forces:

- 2,544 members of the occupation forces, including 18 senior military officers and 12 counter-guerrillas were killed

- 366 members of the occupation forces were injured

Registered attacks on Medya Defence Zones:

- 3,694 attacks by combat aircraft

- 4,886 attacks by combat helicopters

- The war tunnels and positions of our forces were bombed 2,837 times with internationally outlawed bombs (phosphorus bombs, thermobaric bombs, tactical nuclear weapons) and chemical weapons.

Military materials seized by our forces:

- 10 MPT-55 infantry rifles

- 4 AK-47 infantry rifles

- 3 G-3 infantry rifles

- 3 grenade launchers

- 2 M-16 infantry rifles

- 2 HK-416 infantry rifles

- 1 BKC machine gun

- 1 B-7 rocket launcher

- 1 MPT-66 infantry rifle

- 4 pistols

- 4 grenade launcher shells

- 848 rounds of M-16 and BKC ammunition

- 18 hand grenades and numerous smoke grenades

- 4 assault waistcoats (steel)

- 4 steel shields

- 3 cartridge belts

- 12 magazines

- 7 day/night binoculars

- 3 thermal imaging binoculars

- 3 laser sights

- 2 infrared scopes

- 1 Laser rifle scope

- 4 surveillance camera systems

- 3 helmet cameras

- 1 portable radar system

- 24 kg of explosives

- 4 mines

- 1 mine blasting device

- 1 mine detector

- 7 mobile phones

- 3 radios

- 1 solar energy panel

- 1 compass

- 4 knives (bayonet)

- 6 military rucksacks

- 2 berets

- 2 helmets

- 9 torches

- 2 UPS power converters

- 1 power source

- 2 explosive charges with cortex, TNT, C3

- Parts of a surveillance camera system

Military equipment destroyed by our forces:

- 8 Sikorsky transport helicopters

- 3 combat helicopters

- 2 tanks

- 17 armoured military vehicles

- 4 excavators

- 65 surveillance camera systems

- 52 drones

- 8 radar systems

- 5 thermal imaging cameras

- 2 telescopes

- 3 signal jammers

- 3 motion detectors

- 2 audio listening devices

- 1 photo trap

- 1 container

- 99 emplacements

- 34 military tents

- 1 camouflage shelter

- 1 Chemical gas transfer system

- 1 Weapons room

- 5 A4 weapons

- 2 BKC machine guns

- 300 kg of explosives

- 10 explosive charges

- 1 A4 position

- 2 chemical weapons devices

- 2 suction devices

- 1 mortar

- 1 AT-4 rocket launcher

- 1 shield

Military equipment damaged by our forces:

- 47 Sikorsky transport helicopters

- 32 attack helicopters

- 19 positions

- 12 drones

- 9 excavators

- 4 armoured military vehicles

- 3 military tents