HPG announces the martyrdom of a guerrilla in Hatay

HPG published the identity of a guerrilla fighter martyred in Hatay in July. Ciwan Siwar came from Afrin and fought for many years in the Amanos mountains.

The Press Office of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published the identity of a guerrilla fighter who died on 21 July in Dörtyol area of Hatay province in southern Turkey. Military operations by the Turkish army have taken place in the Amanos Mountains in Hatay over a period of two months, during which there were clashes with the HPG.         

HPG announced the identity details of a guerrilla fighter who fell during the clashes in this region:

Nom de Guerre: Cıwan Sıwar
First-Last Name: Muhammed Halil
Place of Birth: Afrin
Mother's - Father's Name: Ranya – Abdurrahman
Date and Place of Martyrdom: 21 July 2020 / Amanos

The statement said: "The enemy wants to make the occupation and exploitation in Kurdistan a normal state and to demoralize and exterminate the Kurdish people within this colonial system. The colonial states have made the inhuman actions in Kurdistan their main task under the leadership of the Turkish state and with material and technical support of the imperialist powers. The most effective struggle against the complete enslavement of the Kurdish people is being carried out by the guerrillas. One of the fighters who have sacrificed themselves in this dignified resistance is our comrade Ciwan.

Ciwan Siwar was born in 1994 in Afrin and was initially active in the youth movement. In 2013 he joined the guerrilla ranks and fought in the Amanos mountains for many years after his basic training. The HPG statement described Siwar as a modest and enthusiastic fighter, who fulfilled his tasks selflessly and with a great sense of responsibility.

HPG expressed their sympathy to the relatives of the fallen fighter and the patriotic people of Kurdistan and vowed to continue the fight of the martyrs.