Heading towards the sun against the darkness of the system

YJA Star guerrilla Faraşin Zilan fought until her last bullet and joined the caravan of martyrs following clashes in 2019.

Kurdish young people take a new perspective and grasp a new sense of life thanks to the philosophy and struggle paradigm proposed by Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan. They have long reached the maturity to create the future with their own hands. The Turkish state knows this reality and tries everything to annihilate them. Berivan Batı (Faraşin Zilan) was a young woman who joined the struggle in Amed, where such a reality was experienced.

Berivan had a strong sense of patriotism and successfully carried out every task put before her. Faraşin thought that her actions were always insufficient and joined the guerrilla ranks in 2013 with the determination to follow in the footsteps of her comrade Berivan. She has always been a guerrilla full of excitement, moral and work spirit. Guerrilla Faraşin, who succeeded in integrating women's consciousness to her being, became the concrete expression of the creative power of women's philosophy.

YJA Star guerrilla Faraşin grew her anger towards the enemy at a young age. She walked with great morale throughout the land where she was born, Amed, in 2016. As a fighter, she devoted herself to the path of revolution, experiencing the excitement and seriousness of fighting in the land she was born, with a high sense of comradeship, with her new identity and the happiness of being.

YJA Star guerrilla Faraşin always acted against the genocide and annihilation policies of the fascist Turkish state, with her determination and commitment. Guerrilla Faraşin fought until the last bullet in clashes with the enemy in 2019 and joined the caravan of martyrs.