Guerrillas: We will end the occupation striking the enemy 24 hours a day

The guerrillas who take part in the Cenga Xabur Campaign said, “We oppose the enemy with the ideology of leader Abdullah Öcalan. We will defeat the occupation by striking the enemy 24 hours a day.”

The resistance of HPG-YJA Star guerrillas against the Turkish state occupation in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) continues uninterrupted. Speaking to ANF, guerrillas and commanders partaking in the Cenga Xabur Operation stated that they would not allow the enemy invasion.


YJA Star guerrilla Elefterya Arin, who is taking part in the resistance, said that there has been a great resistance against the intense attack of the invading Turkish state:

"As freedom fighters, we are taking part in the Cenga Xabur Campaign. The enemy forces are trying to settle in our areas by carrying out intense attacks on Derare and Coordinate areas. Our revolutionary offensive against the attacks is continuing. A highest level of resistance is being mounted against the enemy's advanced war technology. Rich tactics are introduced as part of our campaign Time for Freedom (Dem Dema Azadiye ye). The guerrilla does not allow the invasion through the tactics they have developed. We stand against the enemy with the ideology of our leader Öcalan."



Elefterya Arin emphasized that women are the leading force of the revolutionary offensive. “The enemy also carries out a psychological warfare along with the intense bombardment of our areas. However, we will not allow the invaders to occupy our land. We will defeat the enemy with the Cenga Xabur offensive. Our people in South Kurdistan should not remain silent against the invasion attacks. We are resisting the occupation of our land as guerrillas, but our people also should support us and oppose the attacks. As YJA Star forces, we are leading the Cenga Xabur offensive. We trust in ourselves, we will win. We will defeat the invaders in Metina."


Bager Başkale, a guerrilla commander on the resistance front, said the following about the resistance of the freedom guerrilla forces:

"We salute the resistance fighters in Zendura, Zap and Avashin. The guerrilla mounts resistance against the NATO's second largest army. The enemy has not achieved any success so far. The guerrillas are carrying out actions with the tactics of the new period, striking the enemy. Martyr Kurtay and Martyr Çekdar's stances during this process became an inspiration for us.”



The guerrilla commander continued, “The enemy is engaged in special war methods. Despite the advanced war technology of the Turkish army, the guerrilla both protects itself and carries out professional actions. The enemy is intensifying its attacks to prolong its life, resorting to vicious methods that are against the war ethic, such as using chemical gas and waging a special war by distributing leaflets with reconnaissance aircraft. All these acts prove its defeat. Desperate in the face of the guerrilla resistance, the enemy is resorting to such methods. Still, no matter how advanced their technology is, the enemy cannot defeat the guerrilla's will. As leader Öcalan puts it ‘The greatest technique is man himself’. The 21st century guerrilla is resisting advanced war technology with the thought of leader Öcalan. We will never allow the invading enemy to succeed. We will end the occupation by striking the enemy 24 hours a day.”