Guerrillas: We will be a shield against the policies of Dehaks

HPG guerrillas said they won’t bow down to invasion and pillaging by Dehaks and that they will be a shield against all annihilation policies.

Guerrillas celebrated March 21 Newroz Day for the Kurdish people and all people resisting tyranny. They saluted the hunger strikers who crown Newroz with their resistance.

HPG guerrilla Cotyar remembered all Newroz martyrs who set their bodies on fire in the person of Mazlum Dogan and said Kurds see Newroz as a day of resurrection and regeneration. Cotyar said he has faith that this year’s Newroz will bring freedom, victory and Kurdish unity.

HPG Guerrilla Ocalan said Newroz is a sacred day of countless resistances and added: “March is the month of martyrs. We have had many esteemed comrades fall martyr. This Newroz is a day to remember them, uphold their efforts and follow in their footsteps for us.”

HPG guerrilla Adil said like Kawa emerged thousands of years ago against Dehak, today there are millions of resisters against the modern representation of Dehak the AKP regime. “We as the resisters of this people will never bow down to the invasion and pillaging of Dehaks and will be a shield against all annihilation policies,” said guerrilla Adil and stressed: “Like Mazlum Dogan set his body on fire to celebrate Newroz and make himself into a torch for us, we as the Kurdish people’s guerrillas will be by this fire until our Leader and our people are free.”

HPG guerrilla Erdal spoke about the history of Newroz and said: “The resistance by Kawa manifested again 35 years ago in the person of Commander Egid, and has been updated today in the person of Ciyager, stronger than before. Leader Apo celebrates the week of March 21 to March 28, the day Heval Egid was martyred, as the Heroism Week. In the period we are experiencing today, the heroism line has gained strength and dimension under the lead of the patriotic Kurdish people. This line has spread among the people more than ever before. This shows that victory is inevitable. I salute Leyla Guven and all comrades in prisons today in their resistance.”