Guerrillas seize Turkish army explosives

HPG/YJA Star guerrillas seized the explosives used by the invading Turkish state in the Werxelê resistance area of Avaşîn.

The operation launched by the Turkish army against the Metina, Zap and Avaşin regions in the Medya Defense Zones on April 23 continues in its 6th month.

Although the invading Turkish state uses the most advanced technology, it cannot get the results it wants because of the fierce guerrilla resistance. The guerrillas have been inflicting heavy blows on the Turkish army with new tactics.

The invading Turkish state does not hesitate to use the dirtiest war methods to cover up this defeat. Although it does not reflect anything about the war in its own media, the guerrillas reveal the reality of the war with their actions and the images they take whenever possible.

Guerrilla forces fighting with great determination, especially in Avaşin's Werxelê Resistance Area, are seizing the explosives used by the invaders against resistance areas.

It is stated that this image, whose date cannot be fully clarified, was taken in August.

The images show the seizure and skilful neutralization of the explosives seized from the Turkish troops in guerrilla zones.