Guerrillas run to help their people in Shengal

"Now the people of Shengal will determine the future of Shengal. We are ready to give full support for democracy and freedom."

After the ISIS mercenaries attacked Shengal on 3 August 2014, Hewrîş Hewraman was among the guerrillas running to help the Yazidi Kurds. He talked to ANF about the resistance and massacre he witnessed at that time.

Reminding that the ISIS mercenaries had attacked Mosul before Shengal, guerrilla Hewrîş Hewraman said: "After Mosul was occupied, our movement made a situation assessment and decided to send guerrillas to Shengal. I was part of the first guerrilla group to go there.”

Guerrilla Hewraman added: “I had never been to Shengal before. We did not know the land, the region. There was no force left in Shengal, they had all fled. They left the people of Shengal in the mouth of wolves. On the one hand, they were fleeing, and on the other hand, we were going to Shengal. I would never forget what I saw in Shengal. We were angry while the people of Shengal was devastated tryring to reach a safe area. This situation once again revealed the importance of our mission."

HPG guerrilla Hewraman said: "We did not know the Yazidi community very well. But the moment the people welcomed us was a source of great emotions and feelings. They had gone through very painful moments.

In a period when the whole world remained silent, the guerrilla went to Shengal. Everyone wondered what role the guerrilla would play. There were thousands of peshmerga there. They could have prevented the 74th edict, but unfortunately they preferred to abandon the people rather than defend them. Everyone's eyes were on the guerrilla. The guerrilla reached Shengal mountain with great difficulties and protected thousands of people. We saved them. Guerrillas in Shengal proved once again that they are the defense forces of the entire Kurdistan. Wherever there is a danger, the guerrilla is ready to fight and protect its people. The whole world now understands that the guerrilla is the professional defense force of Kurdistan."

Reminding that the resistance continued in Shengal with a little guerrilla force for a few months, HPG guerrilla Hewraman said that Shengal gradually saw light again after darkness. Noting that Shengal was enlightened thanks to the fallen guerrillas Hewraman continued his speech with the following words: "The guerrilla was not fighting on one side only. As the day passed, it was freeing all areas of Shengal. The people were offered opportunities for a new life. Education was also developing, defense forces YPŞ and YJŞ were established, the infrastructure of the autonomous administration system was created. In short, the moves to liberate Shengal were made on the one hand, and on the other hand, the people were getting ready for new life.”

Guerrilla Hewraman added: “Shengal has now reached a stage where it can manage and defend itself. HPG and YJA Star forces withdrew after completing their mission, but the public didn't want them to leave. But Shengal is now on its feet. The people there also had the strength to defend themselves against any attack. Undoubtedly, the enemy's plans for Shengal have not ended. They continue to carry out air strikes from time to time. But this Shengal is no longer the old Shengal. As a guerrilla force, we are ready to defend not only Shengal but also our people everywhere in Kurdistan. From now on, edicts will not be the fate of the Shengal people. Now the people of Shengal will determine the future of Shengal. We are ready to give full support for democracy and freedom."