Guerrillas hit the Turkish soldiers on invasion operation

HPG guerrillas carried out two sabotage actions against Turkish soldiers partaking in the invasion operation on Martyr Munzur, Small Cilo and Qela Bedewê areas. Guerrillas also damaged a Turkish helicopter.

Clashes continue between guerrillas and Turkish troops that started an operation to invade Southern Kurdistan.

As the Turkish army's invasion operation launched on Martyr Munzur, Small Cilo, Gıjnê and Qela Bedewê areas last night continues, HPG guerrillas carried out two sabotage actions on soldiers stationed at Small Cilo area Saturday noon.

One of these actions left two soldiers dead and many others wounded, while information on the outcome of the other action is is not available yet.

ANF reporter on the ground stated that HPG guerrillas also hit and damaged a Turkish helicopter as it was about to airdrop soldiers on Koordine Hill. While the helicopter retreated without completing the mission, witnesses reported smoke rising from the helicopter after the strike of guerrillas.

Reports suggest that the activity of Turkish jets continued at between 13:30 and 14:30, and that the jets have conducted a bombardment on the area. Clashes in the region continue.