Guerrillas: Despite all its attacks Turkey is not getting any results

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas continue their resistance against the Turkish state and said that the Turkish army could not get any results despite all the attacks.

Kurdistan Freedom guerrillas continue their resistance against the Turkish state's attacks on Medya Defense Areas. HPG guerrilla Egit Serhat and YJA Star guerrilla Arin Amed, who are part of the resistance in the Metina region, talked about the ongoing clashes with the Turkish state.

YJA Star guerrilla Arin Amed, who takes part in the Cenga Xabur Campaign, talked about the conflicts in the region and said: "The invading Turkish state has been continuing its attacks on our regions since April 23. Undoubtedly, our resistance against these attacks and plans shows how great and powerful the guerrilla will is.

No matter how much the enemy attacks, it can't get results. Therefore, the gains of the Cenga Xabur Campaign will be huge. We will definitely avenge our friends who fell as martyrs in this war. Our struggle will continue until we liberate Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and Kurdistan. Finally, I wish success to all my friends. I am very happy to take part in the Cenga Xabur Campaign."

Gerilla Serhat: Our friends on Zendura Hill are making history

Guerrilla Egit Serhat talked about the resistance on Zendura Hill. Serhat sent greetings to all the guerrillas in the various posts and said: "Our friends on Zendura Hill are making history today against the attacks carried out from land and air. For more than 37 days, the invading Turkish army has not been able to enter the war tunnels digged by our friends. Our friends continue to fight heroically."

Guerrilla Serhat added: "The invading Turkish army is waging a dirty and immoral war. This war shows their weakness. They will not be able to defeat the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas. It's time to liberate Rêber Öcalan and Kurdistan. We will turn South Kurdistan into the grave of the AKP. Our war will continue until victory and we will reach our goals. The Turkish state has never won a war in Zagros in its history. It won’t be successful this time.

The enemy of the Kurdish people has focused on psychological warfare, but Kurdistan freedom guerrillas will not be defeated by psychological warfare. All young people of Kurdistan should react to this immoral war waged against the guerrillas and join the guerrilla ranks. Kurdish children's place is the free mountains. We have no choice but to defeat fascism."