Guerrillas celebrate Newroz in Zagros: We are prepared for everything!

At a guerrilla Newroz celebration in the Zagros Mountains, HPG commander Amed Malazgirt said there was a possibility that the coming year would be even more difficult than the past one. The guerrillas have prepared themselves accordingly, he noted.

In the Zagros Mountains the resistance and spring festival Newroz was celebrated with a big ceremony. Following the ceremony, a meeting of the Central Command of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) was held with the fighters of the HPG and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops). The Central Command was represented by Amed Malazgirt.


Malazgirt said: "March has begun and today we celebrate Newroz. We congratulate Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan], the families of the martyrs, the Kurdish people and their friends, and the comrades who are resisting in prison. For the Kurdish people, Newroz is the day of resistance, victory and the crushing of slavery. Our freedom movement has been fighting and resisting in the spirit of the contemporary Kawa, Mazlum Doğan, for 40 years. Comrade Mazlum Doğan did not accept the cruelty of the Turkish military, he carried out an action against torture and oppression on the night of March 20-21, 1982. Since then, the Kurdish people celebrate their Newroz festivals full of courage and determination.

"From Mazlum to Egîd"

In March, both the Newroz Festival and the Week of Heroism are celebrated. Commander Egîd (Mahsum Korkmaz) has become the symbol of this week. He led the guerrillas with his practice and inflicted heavy losses on the Turkish military. In this way, he took revenge for the companions resisting in prison. Thus, Comrade Egîd came to the fore and became a symbol. Comrade Egîd and many other of our leading friends fell this month. With Comrade Egîd, I commemorate all the martyrs of the revolution and bow to them with respect.

"The defeat of Gare and the attacks that followed"

The Turkish state decided to start 2021 with special operations against some areas in Gare. The attack lasted from February 10 to 14. The goal was to hit the guerrillas hard and use success for its own political gain. The Turkish state sought to use it to portray itself and its military as successful. Gare is a key area of strategic importance for us. We also had our prisons in this area. Members of the Turkish army and the MIT intelligence service were located there. They wanted to take these prisoners away from us and abuse them, but the Turkish state did not succeed. As a result, the Turkish state expanded the invasion attack both in terms of the means used and the area affected. On the night of April 23-24, Metîna, Zap and Avaşîn were attacked. There were very fierce battles in these areas last year.

"Fought with the utmost determination"

There was massive resistance in Mamreşo. Our friends fought with a superhuman will. Very few people are able to resist a large army with a small group and all kinds of technical means, including poison gas. Our friends were determined to do this and heroically resisted a large army, all technology and poison gas in a small group. The resistance of these friends was the reason why the plans of the Turkish army were not successful. This is an important truth. In the first week, our comrades from the Mamreşo gave us the good news of success. At the same time, a group of nine fighters at Girê Sor put up a great resistance for two months. In Ereban Taburu and Werxelê, the friends held their position despite siege by the enemy and did not allow the Turkish army to enter the fighting tunnels. In the Zap region, in the Small Cilo and Qela Bedewê areas, the friends prevented the enemy from approaching the tunnels for 45 days. Small special forces attacked the Turkish military on a daily basis. The enemy suffered heavy losses and was shaken.

"Next year will be even harder"

According to our information, the enemy is making further preparations. In the winter we evaluated and commented on the shortcomings and successes in the implementation of the invasion. Now we have to prepare well. We may face a tougher fight than last year. In this sense, all those who consider themselves PKK militants should fight against the Turkish occupation this year. If we say we are comrades of the martyrs, it is our duty to avenge all the martyrs from Cumali to Delal, Şoreş to Serhed, Çavrê to Sarya, Zinarîn to Bawer. I am sure all the friends are ready for this."