Guerrillas carry out actions in Heftanin, Van, Amed and Hatay

The HPG-BIM said in a written statement it carried out actions against the invading Turkish forces in Heftanin, Van, Amed and Hatay between 24 and 27 May.

While the results of some of these actions could not be established, at least 2 soldiers died in Van, one in Hatay, and two base stations were destroyed in Lice.

The statement included the following details: “Within the scope of the Cenga Heftanin Initiative, which continues in the Heftanin region of Medya Defense Areas on 27 May at 2 pm, our forces targeted the enemy units located on Partizan Hill. In this action enemy positions and shelters were effectively hit, however the number of dead and wounded soldiers could not be established.

On 27 May the invading Turkish army launched an operation in the countryside of Payas district of Hatay. At 9 am on 28 May, our forces targeted this operation unit and one soldier was killed as a result of the action. After the action, the invading Turkish army, which removed the dead and wounded soldiers from the area, expanded the scope of the operation.

Within the scope of the Martyr Media Mawa and Martyr Ruzgar Gever Revenge initiatives, our forces targeted soldiers securing the construction of a police station in the Çelê Buka area in the Kato Xelila region of the Çatak district of Van on 28 May at 5 pm. Two soldiers were killed.

On 24 May at 9.30 pm our YJA-Star forces carried out a sabotage action against the base station in the village of Hindiv in the Martyr Ferhat area of Lice (Amed) completely destroying the base station.

Our YJA-Star forces organized a sabotage action against the base station located near the village of Mizak in the Martyr Ferhat area on 25 May completely destroying the base.”

Air attacks

The HPG-BİM also provided information on the Turkish state's air strikes on the Medya Defense Areas.

The statement said: “Since 25 May, the invading Turkish army has been bombing the areas of Şêxzade, Kolik and Sıninê in the region of Xakurkê. The bombing has been carried out on a daily basis. Vineyards and gardens belonging to local people have been damaged during the bombings on 28 May, while a civilian working in his garden was also injured during the bombardment.

Turkish fighter jets also bombed the area of Werxelê in the region of Zap at 9.30 am on 28 May, and the area of Tepê Sor in the region of Avasin at 5.45 pm.

We did not suffer any loss in these bombardments.”