Goran Goyî, one of the martyrs of Xantûr

Guerrilla life is the name of a journey. With every step you discover something new. The guerrilla world is a waterfall of love. It flows uninterruptedly to all hearts.

Guerrilla warfare is a world of heroism. You can engrave epics on the brightest pages of history.

Guerrillas do not refrain from showing great heroism for their country and people, and embrace the struggle with endless sacrifice.

They labour, sweat, shed blood. In every work they do, every path they walk on, they know how to participate with love in every challenge they faced. Every difficulty and obstacle is to create a freer and fairer life.

One of the seekers of the righteous life was brave guerrilla Goran Goyî, who was innocent and cheerful. Since he did not accept the tyrants, he chose to fight by coming to the place of meaningful living. Although he was young, he realized that a system that was not working well wanted to destroy a people. Therefore, in 2016, he came to the mountains and took the first step towards freedom.

He would add great enthusiasm and excitement to the environment he entered with the energy of his young age. He made efforts and gave the best in every task he was given. He knew that everything was created with labour and that all beauty was reached with labour. Creating himself with his labour, Goran Goyî soon became a popular guerrilla, a brave fighter.

He was in Heftanin, one of the paradise lands of Kurdistan. While experiencing the joy of being a guerrilla in this magnificent landscape, his hatred and anger towards the enemy grew bigger. With his fearlessness, courage and calm, he would reach the enemy and raise his weapon. Goran, who created himself with his life, struggle, and work, wrote the heroic epic in Xantur.

While the Turkish army launched an invasion attack on Heftanin on the night of 16 June, Xantûr was hit by planes 50 times. Despite the sophisticated war technique, the guerrilla's unshakable will and faith could not be broken. Knowing that these lands require sacrifice, the guerrillas fought with this consciousness, because for them honour is not an abstract concept.

They take pride in reaching martyrdom while protecting their land with honour, as well as living with dignity. One of these fighters was the brave guerrilla Goran Goyî, who made his way to heroic eternity in the face of the enemy's total attacks.