Gerîla TV broadcasts footage of action carried out on 27 July 2021

Gerîla TV broadcast footage of an action carried out on 27 July 2021, in which 1 Kirpi vehicle was destroyed and 6 invading Turkish soldiers were killed.

The HPG Press Center issued a statement on the subject about an action carried out on 27 July 2021. Gerîla TV released the images of the action.

The statement said: "The military convoy of the invading Turkish army, which was moving towards Wargenima Police Station from Colemêrg's Gever district at 11:30 on 27 July, was taken under control by our YJA Star forces between Banê and Yekmala Jêr villages and hit with sabotage tactics. 1 Hedgehog-type military vehicle was destroyed, at least 6 occupants were killed and 10 occupants were injured.

After the action, the invading Turkish army closed the road between Gever, Şemzînan and Yekmala Jêr for a long time, and removed the casualties and vehicle wreckage from the area."