Freedom is hidden in a small, tiny moment

Guerrilla Ciwana and Evrim are two guerrillas who fought in Cenga Heftanin and believed in victory. Perhaps freedom was in this moment: these two guerrillas laughing, their belief in victory.

You think of freedom when you meet the guerrilla, what is it like? It is to play on a street of our country without fear, to resist to the end and meet immortality with slogans, or a walk, maybe more ... Perhaps freedom is spitting in the face of the tyrant!

Freedom hidden in a small, tiny moment. Sometimes in a guerrilla's desire to sing. Sometimes a smile or a shout behind the mountains. Perhaps it is to have an eternal love without calculation, carelessness, and fear. Its definition is as wide as the universe; the big, infinite , freedom.

The only thing that millions immortalize, shed blood, hide between four walls, cry, laugh, pray for: Freedom. Without it, nothing will happen, neither homeland nor love!

I listened to guerrilla Ciwana and Evrim with such feelings. They are guerrillas who fought in Cenga Heftanin for the liberation of a people and believed in victory.

After singing, guerrilla Ciwana could not help herself and started talking. Talking and standing "Ev der Heftanin e" she said. The words pouring out of her mouth were precious sentences that would go on to rewrite history. She could not stop herself, guerrilla Ciwana, she wanted to shout to everyone that they would win this war.

Guerrilla Ciwana said: “This soul will win. No doubt about that. We said we won’t let the enemy step into Xantûr, and we still act with the same belief and determination. We will get the enemy out of there. We will stay in Xantûr until the end. We will take the enemy out of Xantûr. This is our determination, morale, goal and purpose. The woman's response to the enemy was heroic. This is Heftanin, this is the place of resistance. This is the place of Rubar, Rüstem, Amara, Berfin, Beritan and Viyan. It will remain like this until the end. The friends respond strongly to the technical and brutal attacks of the enemy with their will."

They begin to sing loudly. It was as if not a tiny camera, but all the guerrillas on earth were in front of them. They both knew that their voice and what they said would reach everywhere through our little camera.

"We dedicate this to the guerrilla fighting in all areas of Kurdistan, especially Heftanin. Let it reach all the guerrillas fighting in four parts of Kurdistan. "Ev der Heftanin e!"

And maybe that is freedom… This moment, these two women laughing, their belief in victory.