Five political parties in Rojava announce support for YPG/YPJ

“In order for a more rapid advance of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, we have to ensure unity of the three cantons by supporting the YPG/YPJ forces”, announced five political parties in Rojava.

Five political parties in Rojava have issued a joint statement announcing support for the YPG/YPJ (People's/Women's Defense Units). “In order for a more rapid advance of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, we have to ensure unity of the three cantons by supporting the YPG/YPJ forces”, the statement said.

The five political parties, El-Partî, Partiya Wîfaq a Demokratîk a Kurd li Sûriyê, Tevgera Çaksazî ya Sûriyê, Partiya Çep a Demorkratîk a kurd li Sûriyê and Partiya Yekîtiya Demokratîk a Kurd li Sûriyê (Wehdê), have called for strong support to the YPG/YPJ forces in a joint statement they issued to mark the third anniversary of the Rojava Revolution.

Recalling the start of the uprising of Syrian peoples for a democratic Syria on 15 March 2011, the statement remarked that various organizations have emerged for a regaining the democratic and national rights of the Syrian people. However- the statement said- the regime forces responded with a military attack on people, while the opposition groups worked to deepen the conflict, as a result of which the Syrian people who had been previously unarmed refused the compulsory military service 8 months later. The statement added that the battle between the opposition and regime forces claimed the lives of over 250 persons.

The statement went on reminding of the attacks of the extremists groups, primarily the ISIS and Al Nusra gangs on the Rojava Revolution from the very start of the process, and stated that the aim of the gang groups was to advance their own political projects on people by encircling the region and seizing the settlements along the border with Turkey.

A number of other powers, the Turkish state in the first place, supported the gang groups by opening their borders and allowing them to use them freely, while also providing logistic support for them, said the statement, stressing that it was the YPG/YPJ forces that strongly responded to all the attacks of the gangs and liberated Kobanê and Girê Spî from them.

The political parties stressed in their statement that the Kurdish movement in Syria has been relatively weak and criticised that the political parties and some Kurdish groups that acted negatively, against the gains of the Revolution and failed in that respect.

The parties further emphasized the need that institutions of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Rojava must be improved further, and that they will comply to agreements and join the building of a new life in Rojava and contribute to a political resolution of the conflict in Syria.

The political parties listed the main topics they will act and work around as follows:

- Our parties seek a basis for entire Syria, but we take the interests of the Kurdish people as our basis for Rojava and Syria.

- A democratic and equal Syria is the basis for our parties. A pluralist system rather than a centralist one will be taken as the political basis.

- For the rights of the Kurdish people, we will work in the framework of the international agreements to which Syria is a party.

- We will continue our works uninterruptedly and refuse the decisions taken only against the Kurdish people. We will ground our works on the whole society and eliminate the influence of outside powers on Rojava.

- We will provide full support to Democratic Autonomous System and work for the development and extension of the administrative institutions. We will also work for forming the unity of the three cantons and support the YPG/YPJ forces.

- We will work to create a positive atmosphere in consideration of the recent developments and in unity with the international support.

- We will conduct works for the development of political projects and methods. We will also work to include all the groups in the Kurdish National Movement politically.