Êzidî Coordination: If a force needs to leave Shengal, it is the KDP

The Êzidî Coordination issued a statement regarding the pressure KDP is putting on the Êzidîs and the killing of a young Êzidî in Shengal’s Xanesor district.

Issuing a statement regarding the pressure KDP is putting on the Êzidîs and the killing of a young Êzidî in Shengal’s Xanesor district, the Êzidî coordination condemned KDP’s actions against the Êzidîs and said, “KDP should drop these policies immediately.”

The Êzidî Coordination said KDP had been trying to get the people of Rojava and Shengal in line by starving them, and the latest actions were concrete proof of this, but nobody can make a folk thirsty for freedom surrender with these policies.


The Êzidî coordination statement mentioned the meeting KDP leader Mesut Barzani held with the “Êzidî peshmergas” in Duhok’s Sıhêle military zone on May 12 and said: “KDP has maximized their pressure with this meeting which was held personally by Mesut Barzani. The Êzidî people are clearly being forced to choose, between a “You are either with us or against us” dilemma. We will never bow down to these policies.”

The Coordination also said the execution of Seid Xwedêda Kasım (21) in Shengal’s Xanesor district on May 14 is a result of the policies of enmity and forcing surrender with oppression, intimidation and fear.

The statement stressed that KDP is trying to usurp the free will of the people that developed in Shingal with these acts of oppression and intimidation and says: “KDP mainly aims to weaken the YBŞ and YJŞ, who are the Êzidî people’s self-defense forces that came to achieve great success.”


The declaration states that apart from KDP’s policies of oppression that have reached such lengths as killing the Êzidî youth, they are also pressuring the local shopkeepers to not sell to anybody but them and continues:

“Just like AKP trying to break the will of our people and make them surrender, KDP is also trying to break the will of the Êzidî people and to make them surrender. It is clear that KDP has taken to employing the same policies in Shengal that are used by AKP against the Kurds of northern Kurdistan. But we want this to be known: Those who think we will bow down to these policies, are gravely mistaken.”


The statement pointed out that the people should refrain from individual approaches and develop their organized stance in the face of such pressure and provocations and continues:

“We would like to state this one more time: We will conduct our democratic struggle on the highest level without falling prey to any provocations. We know that KDP's killing of our youth Seit Xwedêda Kasım in Xanesor is definitely not a singular event. Our call to all our people is to refrain from reactionary behaviour and provocations, and develop their organized stance. Especially our youth should consider joining the YBŞ and YJŞ to strengthen self defense rather than narrow, reactionary stances.

Our answer to the “You are either with us or against us” discourse set forth in the meeting on May 12 is, we will realize our free and democratic life and administration with our own people’s will. If there is a force that will leave Shengal for sure, it is KDP who ran and left our people to fend against the ISIS barbarism and is not welcome anymore by our people.”