Eleven-year-old seriously injured in explosion in Lice

An eleven-year-old boy is in a life-threatening condition after an explosion on a pastureland in Lice,Amed. The detonation was caused by ammunition left behind by the Turkish army.

An eleven-year-old child was critically injured as result of an explosion in the Lice district in Amed (Diyarbakır) province. The boy was with a flock of sheep in a pasture between the rural neighborhoods of Serince and Ziyaret when the explosion occurred. The detonation was reportedly caused by ammunition left behind by the Turkish army. The child is said to have discovered the object in the pasture and picked it up out of curiosity. Shortly afterwards, the explosion occurred.

The victim is the child of a nomadic family from Karlıova district of Bingöl. He is undergoing intensive medical treatment at the Dicle University Hospital and his life is in danger.

The Turkish army has carried out repeated military operations in the rural areas between Amed and Bingöl provinces.  Incidents such as these occur again and again in Kurdistan, as the military knowingly and willingly leaves ammunition behind.