Earthquake in Rojhilat leaves three people dead and 580 injured

An earthquake took place in Xoy city of Rojhilat (East Kurdistan). Three people lost their lives and 580 people were injured.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 occurred on Saturday night in the city of Xoy (Khoy) in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan). Three people died, said the governor of Urmia, Mohammed Sadik Mutemdian, adding that 580 people were injured.

Mutemdiyan underlined that 16 injured people were taken to Selmas Hospital while 20 others were being treated in different hospitals.

The governor added that this earthquake caused more damage than previous ones, and confirmed that 70 villages were damaged.

The city of Xoy was struck by an earthquake for the second time in January.

Xoy is located north of the province's capital and largest city, Urmia.