Dozens of 'Rojava Peshmergas' killed during clashes taken to hospital

Bodies of dozens from the KDP's so-called 'Rojava Pesmerga' forces who were killed during today's clashes have been taken to the Sinune hospital.

Clashes have erupted this morning after a so-called 'Rojava-Peshmerga' group affiliated to the KDP of South Kurdistan forcibly attempted to enter the areas held by Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) in Xanesor town of Shengal.

Bodies of dozens from the 'Rojava Peshmergas' who were killed during the fighting have been taken to the Sinune hospital. The bodies are expected to be sent to South Kurdistan from the hospital.

People of Shengal responded to the attack by KDP groups, blocking the ways to hospitals in Sinune town to not allow the treatment of wounded members of the armed group. The wounded members of the KDP group were therewith sent to hospitals in Turkey through the Khabur border crossing.

On the other hand, dozens from the so-called 'Rojava Peshmergas' employed by KDP to fight in Shengal have surrendered to YBŞ/YJŞ and Êzidxan Asayish forces, saying: “We do not want to engage in the KDP's game and fratricidal fighting.”