DEM Party and DBP: DEDAŞ is responsible for the deaths

Paying visits to the people in the area affected by the fire between Amed and Mardin, the co-chairs of DEM Party and DBP stated that DEDAŞ was responsible and vowed that: "We will relieve this pain through solidarity."

14 people died in a fire between the Çınar district of Amed and Mazıdağı district of Mardin. A delegation including Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-Chair Keskin Bayındır, Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Co-Chairs Tuncer Bakırhan and Tülay Hatimoğulları, DEM Party Van, Amed, Mardin Metropolitan and district municipality co-mayors and representatives of civil society organisations visited the residents of the Kelekê village in Mazıdağı affected by the fire.

Speaking here, DBP Co-Chair Keskin Bayindir said, "We will join hands and share the pain of our people together. We will relieve this pain. With all our parties and institutions, we commemorate those who lost their lives and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded."

Noting that fires break out every year in Kurdistan, Bayındır drew attention to the responsibility of DEDAŞ (the electricity energy supplier in the region) in the last fire that turned into a disaster. Bayındır stated that DEDAŞ did not repair the poles in villages despite the local people’s repeated applications and said, "This has been proven in every aspect. DEDAŞ is responsible for this fire. We have been standing with our people from the first moment. They did not send a fire extinguishing helicopter, although we asked for it. No one helped our people until 11 o'clock in the morning. Our pain is indescribable, but we will relieve this pain and our troubles. We will not subjugate ourselves to these enemies. No matter how great the pain of people is, they are being treated with hostility. Yesterday we saw how this enmity was manifested on social media. They almost applauded this incident. This is how far they have gone with enmity. Since yesterday, thousands of people from the Serhat, Amed and Botan regions have been with the people here at the scene of the incident. We have done whatever we can, and we will continue to do so."

DEM Party Co-Chair Tuncer Bakırhan pointed out that there are serious allegations about the fire and that it should be investigated. Underlining that there are reports and eyewitness accounts that the fire was caused by DEDAŞ's negligence, Bakırhan said, "Whether it is sabotage or DEDAŞ negligence, this needs to be investigated urgently. I think that DEDAŞ, which still uses wooden poles despite repeated warnings from our people, is one of the responsible parties here. This place should be declared a disaster area as soon as possible. The damage suffered by our people here should also be compensated."

Stating that the mayors of Mardin, Amed, Van and district municipalities are in solidarity with the people, Bakırhan said, "Dozens of helicopters take off when they see two persons in the countryside, but here living beings are burning but no one sees them. This issue should be well known. We will not let this go. We will heal the wounds of the people."

DEM Party Co-Chair Tülay Hatimoğulları said: "The pain we are experiencing here is exactly like the pain and negligence we experienced in Maraş and Antakya earthquakes. I send my condolences to the affected families and the Kurdish people. I wish a speedy recovery to those wounded. The urgent thing to be done here today is to declare this place a disaster area and to eliminate the grievances of our people should be determined as the first goal."

Hatimoğulları continued, "We can reduce this pain only through social cohesion, by uniting against the system that leaves us to die. DEDAŞ is first degree responsible. According to reports, 55 thousand decares of land was burnt and 23 thousand of it was cultivated land. There are also claims and eyewitness accounts that the fire was caused by electric current, not stubble as claimed by the governor’s office or official authorities. The judiciary should listen to these statements. Expert reports on this issue are important. The judiciary should take this into consideration. The families' pain will be relieved to some extent with the necessary actions against those responsible for the death of 14 people. The biggest agenda of Turkey today is DEDAŞ. The highest number of parliamentary questions and research proposals submitted were concerning DEDAŞ. It is obvious that the electricity transformed on wires and thin boards, which have not been maintained for 37 years, causes fires. The biggest solution to stop these fires is that DEDAŞ must maintain these poles. As long as DEDAŞ does not perform this task, it will be the first degree responsible for any fire and any damage. As the DEM Party, we will be with you as much as we can in terms of both legal and social solidarity. Our municipalities have carried out their work and we will continue to stand by our people. We will relieve this pain through social solidarity."

Tülay Hatimoğulları also appealed to ecological and professional organisations and said that a report should be kept.

The delegation then travelled to other villages.