Death toll rises to 3 in Silopi

Death toll rose to 3 in Silopi after the death of Kamuran Bilin who lost his life when he was shot in his chest during the police attack.

The police attack on Zap Neighborhood that began this morning continues. Police entered the neighborhood with military tanks, fired shots randomly from their armored vehicles, and began to raid houses. It has been reported that police officers entered houses by breaking doors, detained civilians violently, and tortured the detainees in police headquarters.

Snipers on the roofs of buildings around the neighborhood continue to shoot at anything that moves in the neighborhood, and Kamuran Bilin got heavily injured after being shot in the chest. Bilin lost his life as he was on his way to the hospital.

Police burned a house located in Başak Square, and prevented the family inside from leaving the house as well as the civilians nearby trying to put out the fire. Children are reported to be inside the house.
People of Silopi continue to wait around Başak Square in Cudi neighborhood, where bullets randomly shot by police officers hit houses and buildings.