Counter-guerrilla units terrorize people in Mariwan countryside

Iranian counter-guerrilla units terrorize villagers, kidnap locals for ransom and propagate against Kurdish guerrillas in Mariwan countryside in Eastern Kurdistan, Iran.

Local sources report increased activity of counter-guerrilla units in the countryside of Mariwan, a Kurdish city in Rojhilat, Eastern Kurdistan.

The counter-guerrilla units wearing Kurdish guerrilla clothes are reported to be active in villages around Mariwan and spread propaganda against Eastern Kurdistan Defence Units (YRK), also torturing and interrogating some villagers.

Its reported that the mentioned units are sometimes seen with Iranian soldiers, and locals speculate that this is in order to spread false information that YRK is collaborating with the Iranian army.

According to locals the counter-guerrilla units kidnapped a person named Sedî Ş. and released him after his family agreed to pay 200 million Iranian tumens (51 thousand dollars) for ransom.

There is reliable information that the units are active also in Garan region located between Mariwan and Saqiz.