Commander Çelê pays tribute to commander Cahide: "This war will be won by the strength of women"

Speaking about Cahide Kahraman, one of the leading female commanders of the freedom movement, Şilan Çelê, a fellow HPG commander, said: "Heval Cahide was fighting bravely against the enemy with the hope of freedom."

Şilan Çele, one of the HPG commanders, talked about Cahide Kahraman, one of the leading female commanders of the freedom movement. Stating that Commander Kahraman, who was from Mardin and came from a patriotic family, joined the PKK, influenced by both her family and the serhildans in the 90s, Çelê said: "Comrade Cahide joins the ranks of freedom from Mardin. I met her in Zagros. She had a sincere stance towards her comrades. She helped friends with her practical intelligence, took on great roles in life and war."

Commander Çelê added: "When the women's army was established, she welcomed it with all her warm feelings and played a big role in the women's army. She contributed with her ideological and military style. The army of women gave great strength to all female comrades. With the belief created by the female army, Cahide approached her friends in the ranks of freedom and aimed to train herself and her comrades with this power. On the other hand, she always felt indebted to Leader Apo [Abdullah Ocalan]. She fought bravely against the enemy in the hope of freedom. This war will be victorious with the power of freedom of women."

Comrade Cahide was committed to her promise

Şilan Çelê said: "People make the revolution with their determination. Comrade Cahide joined the revolution with this determination. All her comrades in the organization knew about her determination in the organization and in herself. She would successfully fulfil it when she carried out her work. She took part in all organizational activities with her working stance. Everyone took this stance as an example. The women's army gained great value thanks to Comrade Cahide and thousands of heroic women like her, and the women's army grew every passing day."

Comrade Cahide's surname was Kahraman [heroe] and she was truly devoted to this heroic war. Women became the light of the symbol of resistance in the ranks of freedom. The leadership has a saying, "Woman who fights becomes free, woman who becomes free becomes beautiful, woman who becomes beautiful is loved." Comrade Cahide is the true passenger of this word. Comrade Cahide was faithful to her weapon and word, she joined the caravan of freedom by fighting with her last weapon and word. I commemorate all the martyrs of freedom in the person of Comrade Cahide."