Colonel Hossam Alawak leaves the FSA and joins the SDF

In a press statement, Colonel Hossam Alawak announced that he left the FSA and joined the SDF.

Colonel Hossam Alawak announced that he left the FSA and joined the SDF. Accompanied by the SDF Spokesperson Colonel Telal Ali Silo, YPG Spokesperson Rêdûr Xelîl, SDF General Command members Qehreman Hesen and Lewend Rojava, Assyrian Church priest Îşo Werde, Faith Committee President and Hesekê Elders Assembly member Şêx Reşîd, Alawak made a press statement in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) headquarters in Hesekê today.

In his statement, Hossam Alawak emphasized that he left the FSA, who has been collaborating with Turkey, and joined the SDF, along with several fighters from the Free Efserên Group. Alawak criticized the FSA for using the Syrian Revolution in order to receive financial gains from several states, particularly Turkey. Alawak condemned the FSA’s terrorist actions against civilians, and said that the FSA has been damaging the Syrian Revolution by letting Turkey use and manipulate the FSA as a proxy force in Syria.

SDF Spokesperson Colonel Telal Ali Silo welcomed Hossam Alawak and emphasized that the SDF would continue to struggle for the democratic union against ISIS and its accomplices and the coexistence of Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen, Assyrian, Circassian and Armenian peoples. Lastly, Telal Ali Silo called upon all democratic and revolutionary armed groups to follow the example of Hossam Alawak and join the SDF.